1. 1

    सूत उवाच जगृहे पौरुषं रूपं भगवान् महदादिभिः । सम्भूतं षोडशकलमादौ लोकसिसृक्षया ।। १-३-१ ।।

    Sūta said: In the beginning of the creation, the Lord first expanded Himself in the universal form of the puruṣa incarnation and manifested all the ingredients for the material creation. And thus at first there was the creation of the sixteen principles of material action. This was for the purpose of creating the material universes. ।। 1-3-1 ।।

  2. 2

    यस्याम्भसि शयानस्य योगनिद्रां वितन्वतः । नाभिह्रदाम्बुजादासीद्ब्रह्मा विश्वसृजां पतिः ।। १-३-२ ।।

    Resting in His meditative slumber in that water, out of the lotus that spread from the lake of His navel, Brahmâ manifested, the master of the progenitors in the universe. ।। 1-3-2 ।।

  3. 3

    यस्यावयवसंस्थानैः कल्पितो लोकविस्तरः । तद्वै भगवतो रूपं विशुद्धं सत्त्वमूर्जितम् ।। १-३-३ ।।

    It is believed that all the universal planetary systems are situated on the extensive body of the puruṣa, but He has nothing to do with the created material ingredients. His body is eternally in spiritual existence par excellence. ।। 1-3-3 ।।

  4. 4

    पश्यन्त्यदो रूपमदभ्रचक्षुषा सहस्रपादोरुभुजाननाद्भुतम् । सहस्रमूर्धश्रवणाक्षिनासिकं सहस्रमौल्यम्बरकुण्डलोल्लसत् ।। १-३-४ ।।

    In a perfect [spiritual] vision His form is seen as having numerous legs, thighs, arms and faces, with wonderful heads, ears, eyes and noses, all glowing with countless garlands, earrings and dresses. ।। 1-3-4 ।।

  5. 5

    एतन्नानावताराणां निधानं बीजमव्ययम् । यस्यांशांशेन सृज्यन्ते देवतिर्यङ्नरादयः ।। १-३-५ ।।

    This form [the second manifestation of the puruṣa] is the source and indestructible seed of multifarious incarnations within the universe. From the particles and portions of this form, different living entities, like demigods, men and others, are created. ।। 1-3-5 ।।