1. 6

    तं कश्चित्स्वीकरिष्यन्तं पुरुषः कृष्णदर्शनः । उवाचोत्तरतोऽभ्येत्य ममेदं वास्तुकं वसु ।। ९-४-६ ।।

    Thereafter, while Nābhāga was accepting the riches, a black-looking person from the north came to him and said, “All the wealth from this sacrificial arena belongs to me.” ।। 9-4-6 ।।

  2. 7

    ममेदमृषिभिर्दत्तमिति तर्हि स्म मानवः । स्यान्नौ ते पितरि प्रश्नः पृष्टवान् पितरं तथा ।। ९-४-७ ।।

    Nābhāga then said, “These riches belong to me. The great saintly persons have delivered them to me.” When Nābhāga said this, the black-looking person replied, “Let us go to your father and ask him to settle our disagreement.” In accordance with this, Nābhāga inquired from his father. ।। 9-4-7 ।।

  3. 8

    यज्ञवास्तुगतं सर्वमुच्छिष्टमृषयः क्वचित् । चक्रुर्विभागं रुद्राय स देवः सर्वमर्हति ।। ९-४-८ ।।

    The father of Nābhāga said: Whatever the great sages sacrificed in the arena of the Dakṣa-yajña, they offered to Lord Śiva as his share. Therefore, everything in the sacrificial arena certainly belongs to Lord Śiva. ।। 9-4-8 ।।

  4. 9

    नाभागस्तं प्रणम्याह तवेश किल वास्तुकम् । इत्याह मे पिता ब्रह्मञ्छिरसा त्वां प्रसादये ।। ९-४-९ ।।

    Thereupon, after offering obeisances to Lord Śiva, Nābhāga said: O worshipable lord, everything in this arena of sacrifice is yours. This is the assertion of my father. Now, with great respect, I bow my head before you, begging your mercy. ।। 9-4-9 ।।

  5. 10

    यत्ते पितावदद्धर्मं त्वं च सत्यं प्रभाषसे । ददामि ते मन्त्रदृशे ज्ञानं ब्रह्म सनातनम् ।। ९-४-१० ।।

    Lord Śiva said: Whatever your father has said is the truth, and you also are speaking the same truth. Therefore, I, who know the Vedic mantras, shall explain transcendental knowledge to you. ।। 9-4-10 ।।