1. 36

    शरस्तम्बेऽपतद्रेतो मिथुनं तदभूच्छुभम् । तद्दृष्ट्वा कृपयागृह्णाच्छन्तनुर्मृगयां चरन् । कृपः कुमारः कन्या च द्रोणपत्न्यभवत्कृपी ।। ९-२१-३६ ।।

    Which fell on a clump of śara grass. From this semen were born two all-auspicious babies, one male and the other female. While Mahārāja Śāntanu was on a hunting excursion, he saw the male and female children lying in the forest, and out of compassion he took them home. Consequently, the male child was known as Kṛpa, and the female child was named Kṛpī. Kṛpī later became the wife of Droṇācārya. ।। 9-21-36 ।।