1. 6

    यो लोकवीरसमितौ धनुरैशमुग्रं सीतास्वयंवरगृहे त्रिशतोपनीतम् । आदाय बालगजलील इवेक्षुयष्टिं सज्जीकृतं नृप विकृष्य बभञ्ज मध्ये ।। ९-१०-६ ।।

    O King, the pastimes of Lord Rāmacandra were wonderful, like those of a baby elephant. In the assembly where mother Sītā was to choose her husband, in the midst of the heroes of this world, He broke the bow belonging to Lord Śiva. This bow was so heavy that it was carried by three hundred men, but Lord Rāmacandra bent and strung it and broke it in the middle ।। 9-10-6 ।।

  2. 7

    जित्वानुरूपगुणशीलवयोऽङ्गरूपां सीताभिधां श्रियमुरस्यभिलब्धमानाम् । मार्गे व्रजन् भृगुपतेर्व्यनयत्प्ररूढं दर्पं महीमकृत यस्त्रिरराजबीजाम् ।। ९-१०-७ ।।

    Just as a baby elephant breaks a stick of sugarcane. Thus the Lord achieved the hand of mother Sītā, who was equally as endowed with transcendental qualities of form, beauty, behavior, age and nature. Indeed, she was the goddess of fortune who constantly rests on the chest of the Lord. While returning from Sītā’s home after gaining her at the assembly of competitors, Lord Rāmacandra met Paraśurāma. Although Paraśurāma was very proud, having rid the earth of the royal order twenty-one times, he was defeated by the Lord, who appeared to be a kṣatriya of the royal order. ।। 9-10-7 ।।

  3. 8

    यः सत्यपाशपरिवीतपितुर्निदेशं स्त्रैणस्य चापि शिरसा जगृहे सभार्यः । राज्यं श्रियं प्रणयिनः सुहृदो निवासं त्यक्त्वा ययौ वनमसूनिव मुक्तसङ्गः ।। ९-१०-८ ।।

    Carrying out the order of His father, who was bound by a promise to his wife, Lord Rāmacandra left behind His kingdom, opulence, friends, well-wishers, residence and everything else, just as a liberated soul gives up his life, and went to the forest with Sītā. ।। 9-10-8 ।।

  4. 9

    रक्षःस्वसुर्व्यकृत रूपमशुद्धबुद्धेस्तस्याः खरत्रिशिरदूषणमुख्यबन्धून् । जघ्ने चतुर्दशसहस्रमपारणीयकोदण्डपाणिरटमान उवास कृच्छ्रम् ।। ९-१०-९ ।।

    While wandering in the forest, where He accepted a life of hardship, carrying His invincible bow and arrows in His hand, Lord Rāmacandra deformed Rāvaṇa’s sister, who was polluted with lusty desires, by cutting off her nose and ears. He also killed her fourteen thousand Rākṣasa friends, headed by Khara, Triśira and Dūṣaṇa. ।। 9-10-9 ।।

  5. 10

    सीताकथाश्रवणदीपितहृच्छयेन सृष्टं विलोक्य नृपते दशकन्धरेण । जघ्नेऽद्भुतैणवपुषाऽऽश्रमतोऽपकृष्टो मारीचमाशु विशिखेन यथा कमुग्रः ।। ९-१०-१० ।।

    O King Parīkṣit, when Rāvaṇa, who had ten heads on his shoulders, heard about the beautiful and attractive features of Sītā, his mind was agitated by lusty desires, and he went to kidnap her. To distract Lord Rāmacandra from His āśrama, Rāvaṇa sent Mārīca in the form of a golden deer, and when Lord Rāmacandra saw that wonderful deer, He left His residence and followed it and finally killed it with a sharp arrow, just as Lord Śiva killed Dakṣa. ।। 9-10-10 ।।