1. 31

    अथोदधेर्मथ्यमानात्काश्यपैरमृतार्थिभिः । उदतिष्ठन्महाराज पुरुषः परमाद्भुतः ।‌। ८-८-३१ ।।

    O King, thereafter, while the sons of Kaśyapa, both demons and demigods, were engaged in churning the Ocean of Milk, a very wonderful male person appeared. ।‌। 8-8-31 ।।

  2. 32

    दीर्घपीवरदोर्दण्डः कम्बुग्रीवोऽरुणेक्षणः । श्यामलस्तरुणः स्रग्वी सर्वाभरणभूषितः ।‌। ८-८-३२ ।।

    He was strongly built; his arms were long, stout and strong; his neck, which was marked with three lines, resembled a conchshell; his eyes were reddish; and his complexion was blackish. He was very young, he was garlanded with flowers, and his entire body was fully decorated with various ornaments. ।‌। 8-8-32 ।।

  3. 33

    पीतवासा महोरस्कः सुमृष्टमणिकुण्डलः । स्निग्धकुञ्चितकेशान्तः सुभगः सिंहविक्रमः ।‌। ८-८-३३ ।।

    He was dressed in yellow garments and wore brightly polished earrings made of pearls. The tips of his hair were anointed with oil, and his chest was very broad. His body had all good features, he was stout and strong like a lion, ।‌। 8-8-33 ।।

  4. 34

    अमृतापूर्णकलशं बिभ्रद्वलयभूषितः । स वै भगवतः साक्षाद्विष्णोरंशांशसम्भवः ।‌। ८-८-३४ ।।

    And he was decorated with bangles. In his hand he carried a jug filled to the top with nectar. This person was Dhanvantari, a plenary portion of a plenary portion of Lord Viṣṇu. ।‌। 8-8-34 ।।

  5. 35

    धन्वन्तरिरिति ख्यात आयुर्वेददृगिज्यभाक् । तमालोक्यासुराः सर्वे कलशं चामृताभृतम् ।‌। ८-८-३५ ।।

    He was very conversant with the science of medicine, and as one of the demigods he was permitted to take a share in sacrifices. Upon seeing Dhanvantari carrying the jug of nectar, the demons, desiring the jug and।‌। 8-8-35 ।।