1. 11

    तथासुरानाविशदासुरेण रूपेण तेषां बलवीर्यमीरयन् । उद्दीपयन् देवगणांश्च विष्णुर्दैवेन नागेन्द्रमबोधरूपः ।‌। ८-७-११ ।।

    Thereafter, Lord Viṣṇu entered the demons as the quality of passion, the demigods as the quality of goodness, and Vāsuki as the quality of ignorance to encourage them and increase their various types of strength and energy. ।‌। 8-7-11 ।।

  2. 12

    उपर्यगेन्द्रं गिरिराडिवान्य आक्रम्य हस्तेन सहस्रबाहुः । तस्थौ दिवि ब्रह्मभवेन्द्रमुख्यैरभिष्टुवद्भिः सुमनोऽभिवृष्टः ।‌। ८-७-१२ ।।

    Manifesting Himself with thousands of hands, the Lord then appeared on the summit of Mandara Mountain, like another great mountain, and held Mandara Mountain with one hand. In the upper planetary systems, Lord Brahmā and Lord Śiva, along with Indra, King of heaven, and other demigods, offered prayers to the Lord and showered flowers upon Him. ।‌। 8-7-12 ।।

  3. 13

    उपर्यधश्चात्मनि गोत्रनेत्रयोः परेण ते प्राविशता समेधिताः । ममन्थुरब्धिं तरसा मदोत्कटा महाद्रिणा क्षोभितनक्रचक्रम् ।‌। ८-७-१३ ।।

    The demigods and demons worked almost madly for the nectar, encouraged by the Lord, who was above and below the mountain and who had entered the demigods, the demons, Vāsuki and the mountain itself. Because of the strength of the demigods and demons, the Ocean of Milk was so powerfully agitated that all the alligators in the water were very much perturbed. Nonetheless the churning of the ocean continued in this way. ।‌। 8-7-13 ।।

  4. 14

    अहीन्द्रसाहस्रकठोरदृङ्मुखश्वासाग्निधूमाहतवर्चसोऽसुराः । पौलोमकालेयबलील्वलादयो दवाग्निदग्धाः सरला इवाभवन् ।‌। ८-७-१४ ।।

    Vāsuki had thousands of eyes and mouths. From his mouths he breathed smoke and blazing fire, which affected the demons, headed by Pauloma, Kāleya, Bali and Ilvala. Thus the demons, who appeared like sarala trees burned by a forest fire, gradually became powerless. ।‌। 8-7-14 ।।

  5. 15

    देवांश्च तच्छ्वासशिखाहतप्रभान् धूम्राम्बरस्रग्वरकञ्चुकाननान् । समभ्यवर्षन् भगवद्वशा घना ववुः समुद्रोर्म्युपगूढवायवः ।‌। ८-७-१५ ।।

    Because the demigods were also affected by the blazing breath of Vāsuki, their bodily lusters diminished, and their garments, garlands, weapons and faces were blackened by smoke. However, by the grace of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, clouds appeared on the sea, pouring torrents of rain, and breezes blew, carrying particles of water from the sea waves, to give the demigods relief. ।‌। 8-7-15 ।।