1. 6

    काञ्चीकलापवलयहारनूपुरशोभिताम् । कौस्तुभाभरणां लक्ष्मीं बिभ्रतीं वनमालिनीम् ।‌। ८-६-६ ।।

    the necklace on His chest, and the ankle bells on His legs. The Lord is bedecked with flower garlands, ।‌। 8-6-6 ।।

  2. 7

    सुदर्शनादिभिः स्वास्त्रैर्मूर्तिमद्भिरुपासिताम् । तुष्टाव देवप्रवरः सशर्वः पुरुषं परम् । सर्वामरगणैः साकं सर्वाङ्गैरवनिं गतैः ।‌। ८-६-७ ।।

    the necklace on His chest, and the ankle bells on His legs. The Lord is bedecked with flower garlands, His neck is decorated with the Kaustubha gem, and He carries with Him the goddess of fortune and His personal weapons, like His disc and club. When Lord Brahmā, along with Lord Śiva and the other demigods, thus saw the form of the Lord, they all immediately fell to the ground, offering their obeisances. ।‌। 8-6-7 ।।

  3. 8

    ब्रह्मोवाच अजातजन्मस्थितिसंयमायागुणायनिर्वाणसुखार्णवाय । अणोरणिम्नेऽपरिगण्यधाम्ने महानुभावाय नमो नमस्ते ।‌। ८-६-८ ।।

    Lord Brahmā said: Although You are never born, Your appearance and disappearance as an incarnation never cease. You are always free from the material qualities, and You are the shelter of transcendental bliss resembling an ocean. Eternally existing in Your transcendental form, You are the supreme subtle of the most extremely subtle. We therefore offer our respectful obeisances unto You, the Supreme, whose existence is inconceivable. ।‌। 8-6-8 ।।

  4. 9

    रूपं तवैतत्पुरुषर्षभेज्यं श्रेयोऽर्थिभिर्वैदिकतान्त्रिकेण । योगेन धातः सह नस्त्रिलोकान् पश्याम्यमुष्मिन्नु ह विश्वमूर्तौ ।‌। ८-६-९ ।।

    O best of persons, O supreme director, those who actually aspire for supreme good fortune worship this form of Your Lordship according to the Vedic Tantras. My Lord, we can see all the three worlds in You. ।‌। 8-6-9 ।।

  5. 10

    त्वय्यग्र आसीत्त्वयि मध्य आसीत्त्वय्यन्त आसीदिदमात्मतन्त्रे । त्वमादिरन्तो जगतोऽस्य मध्यं घटस्य मृत्स्नेव परः परस्मात् ।। ८-६-१० ।।

    My dear Lord, who are always fully independent, this entire cosmic manifestation arises from You, rests upon You and ends in You. Your Lordship is the beginning, sustenance and end of everything, like the earth, which is the cause of an earthen pot, which supports the pot, and to which the pot, when broken, finally returns. ।‌। 8-6-10 ।।