1. 16

    तस्या दीनतरं वाक्यमाश्रुत्य स महीपतिः । कलशाप्सु निधायैनां दयालुर्निन्य आश्रमम् ।। ८-२४-१६ ।।

    The merciful King, being moved by the pitiable words of the fish, placed the fish in a water jug and brought Him to his own residence. ।। 8-24-16 ।।

  2. 17

    सा तु तत्रैकरात्रेण वर्धमाना कमण्डलौ । अलब्ध्वाऽऽत्मावकाशं वा इदमाह महीपतिम् ।। ८-२४-१७ ।।

    But in one night that fish grew so much that He could not move His body comfortably in the water of the pot. He then spoke to the King as follows. ।। 8-24-17 ।।

  3. 18

    नाहं कमण्डलावस्मिन् कृच्छ्रं वस्तुमिहोत्सहे । कल्पयौकः सुविपुलं यत्राहं निवसे सुखम् ।। ८-२४-१८ ।।

    O My dear King, I do not like living in this waterpot with such great difficulty. Therefore, please find some better reservoir of water where I can live comfortably. ।। 8-24-18 ।।

  4. 19

    स एनां तत आदाय न्यधादौदञ्चनोदके । तत्र क्षिप्ता मुहूर्तेन हस्तत्रयमवर्धत ।। ८-२४-१९ ।।

    Then, taking the fish out of the waterpot, the King threw Him in a large well. But within a moment the fish developed to the length of three cubits. ।। 8-24-19 ।।

  5. 20

    न म एतदलं राजन् सुखं वस्तुमुदञ्चनम् । पृथु देहि पदं मह्यं यत्त्वाहं शरणं गता ।। ८-२४-२० ।।

    The fish then said: My dear King, this reservoir of water is not fit for My happy residence. Please give Me a more extensive pool of water, for I have taken shelter of you. ।। 8-24-20 ।।