1. 31

    पदैकेन मयाक्रान्तो भूर्लोकः खं दिशस्तनोः । स्वर्लोकस्तु द्वितीयेन पश्यतस्ते स्वमात्मना ।। ८-२१-३१ ।।

    Of these possessions, with one step I have occupied Bhūrloka, and with My body I have occupied the entire sky and all directions. And in your presence, with My second step, I have occupied the upper planetary system. ।। 8-21-31 ।‌।

  2. 32

    प्रतिश्रुतमदातुस्ते निरये वास इष्यते । विश त्वं निरयं तस्माद्गुरुणा चानुमोदितः ।। ८-२१-३२ ।।

    Because you have been unable to give charity according to your promise, the rule is that you should go down to live in the hellish planets. Therefore, in accordance with the order of Śukrācārya, your spiritual master, now go down and live there. ।। 8-21-32 ।‌।

  3. 33

    वृथा मनोरथस्तस्य दूरे स्वर्गः पतत्यधः । प्रतिश्रुतस्यादानेन योऽर्थिनं विप्रलम्भते ।। ८-२१-३३ ।।

    Far from being elevated to the heavenly planets or fulfilling one’s desire, one who does not properly give a beggar what he has promised falls down to a hellish condition of life. ।। 8-21-33 ।‌।

  4. 34

    विप्रलब्धो ददामीति त्वयाहं चाढ्यमानिना । तद्व्यलीकफलं भुङ्क्ष्व निरयं कतिचित्समाः ।। ८-२१-३४ ।।

    Being falsely proud of your possessions, you promised to give Me land, but you could not fulfill your promise. Therefore, because your promise was false, you must live for a few years in hellish life. ।। 8-21-34 ।‌।