1. 31

    अद्याग्नयो मे सुहुता यथाविधि द्विजात्मज त्वच्चरणावनेजनैः । हतांहसो वार्भिरियं च भूरहो तथा पुनीता तनुभिः पदैस्तव ।। ८-१८-३१ ।।

    O son of a brāhmaṇa, today the fire of sacrifice is ablaze according to the injunction of the śāstra, and I have been freed from all the sinful reactions of my life by the water that has washed Your lotus feet. O my Lord, by the touch of Your small lotus feet the entire surface of the world has been sanctified. ।। 8-18-31 ।।

  2. 32

    यद्यद्वटो वाञ्छसि तत्प्रतीच्छ मे त्वामर्थिनं विप्रसुतानुतर्कये । गां काञ्चनं गुणवद्धाम मृष्टं तथान्नपेयमुत वा विप्रकन्याम् । ग्रामान् समृद्धांस्तुरगान् गजान् वा रथांस्तथार्हत्तम सम्प्रतीच्छ ।। ८-१८-३२ ।।

    O son of a brāhmaṇa, it appears that You have come here to ask me for something. Therefore, whatever You want You may take from me. O best of those who are worshipable. You may take from me a cow, gold, a furnished house, palatable food and drink, the daughter of a brāhmaṇa for Your wife, prosperous villages, horses, elephants, chariots or whatever You desire. ।। 8-18-32 ।।