1. 16

    प्रायोऽधुना तेऽसुरयूथनाथा अपारणीया इति देवि मे मतिः । यत्तेऽनुकूलेश्वरविप्रगुप्ता न विक्रमस्तत्र सुखं ददाति ।। ८-१७-१६ ।।

    O mother of the demigods, in My opinion almost all the chiefs of the demons are now unconquerable, for they are being protected by brāhmaṇas, whom the Supreme Lord always favors. Thus the use of power against them now will not at all be a source of happiness. ।। 8-17-16 ।।

  2. 17

    अथाप्युपायो मम देवि चिन्त्यः सन्तोषितस्य व्रतचर्यया ते । ममार्चनं नार्हति गन्तुमन्यथा श्रद्धानुरूपं फलहेतुकत्वात् ।। ८-१७-१७ ।।

    Yet because I have been satisfied by the activities of your vow, O goddess Aditi, I must find some means to favor you, for worship of Me never goes in vain but certainly gives the desired result according to what one deserves. ।। 8-17-17 ।।

  3. 18

    त्वयार्चितश्चाहमपत्यगुप्तये पयोव्रतेनानुगुणं समीडितः । स्वांशेन पुत्रत्वमुपेत्य ते सुतान् गोप्तास्मि मारीचतपस्यधिष्ठितः ।। ८-१७-१८ ।।

    You have prayed to Me and properly worshiped Me by performing the great payo-vrata ceremony for the sake of protecting your sons. Because of Kaśyapa Muni’s austerities, I shall agree to become your son and thus protect your other sons. ।। 8-17-18 ।।

  4. 19

    उपधाव पतिं भद्रे प्रजापतिमकल्मषम् । मां च भावयती पत्यावेवं रूपमवस्थितम् ।। ८-१७-१९ ।।

    Always thinking of Me as being situated within the body of your husband, Kaśyapa, go worship your husband, who has been purified by his austerity. ।। 8-17-19 ।।

  5. 20

    नैतत्परस्मा आख्येयं पृष्टयापि कथञ्चन । सर्वं सम्पद्यते देवि देवगुह्यं सुसंवृतम् ।। ८-१७-२० ।।

    O lady, even if someone inquires, you should not disclose this fact to anyone. That which is very confidential is successful if kept secret. ।। 8-17-20 ।।