1. 31

    एष विप्रबलोदर्कः सम्प्रत्यूर्जितविक्रमः । तेषामेवापमानेन सानुबन्धो विनङ्क्ष्यति ।। ८-१५-३१ ।।

    Bali Mahārāja has now become extremely powerful because of the benedictions given him by the brāhmaṇas, but when he later insults the brāhmaṇas, he will be vanquished, along with his friends and assistants. ।। 8-15-31 ।।

  2. 32

    एवं सुमन्त्रितार्थास्ते गुरुणार्थानुदर्शिना । हित्वा त्रिविष्टपं जग्मुर्गीर्वाणाः कामरूपिणः ।। ८-१५-३२ ।।

    Śukadeva Gosvāmī continued: The demigods, being thus advised by Bṛhaspati for their benefit, immediately accepted his words. Assuming forms according to their desire, they left the heavenly kingdom and scattered, without being observed by the demons. ।। 8-15-32 ।।

  3. 33

    देवेष्वथ निलीनेषु बलिर्वैरोचनः पुरीम् । देवधानीमधिष्ठाय वशं निन्ये जगत्त्रयम् ।। ८-१५-३३ ।।

    When the demigods had disappeared, Bali Mahārāja, the son of Virocana, entered the heavenly kingdom, and from there he brought the three worlds under his control. ।। 8-15-33 ।।

  4. 34

    तं विश्वजयिनं शिष्यं भृगवः शिष्यवत्सलाः । शतेन हयमेधानामनुव्रतमयाजयन् ।। ८-१५-३४ ।।

    The brāhmaṇa descendants of Bhṛgu, being very pleased with their disciple, who had conquered the entire universe, now engaged him in performing one hundred aśvamedha sacrifices. ।। 8-15-34 ।।

  5. 35

    ततस्तदनुभावेन भुवनत्रयविश्रुताम् । कीर्तिं दिक्षु वितन्वानः स रेज उडुराडिव ।। ८-१५-३५ ।।

    When Bali Mahārāja performed these sacrifices, he gained a great reputation in all directions, throughout the three worlds. Thus he shone in his position, like the brilliant moon in the sky. ।। 8-15-35 ।।