1. 6

    तवैव चरणाम्भोजं श्रेयस्कामा निराशिषः । विसृज्योभयतः सङ्गं मुनयः समुपासते ।। ८-१२-६ ।।

    Pure devotees or great saintly persons who desire to achieve the highest goal in life and who are completely free from all material desires for sense gratification engage constantly in the transcendental service of Your lotus feet. ।। 8-12-6 ।।

  2. 7

    त्वं ब्रह्म पूर्णममृतं विगुणं विशोकमानन्दमात्रमविकारमनन्यदन्यत् । विश्वस्य हेतुरुदयस्थितिसंयमानामात्मेश्वरश्च तदपेक्षतयानपेक्षः ।। ८-१२-७ ।।

    My Lord, You are the Supreme Brahman, complete in everything. Being completely spiritual, You are eternal, free from the material modes of nature, and full of transcendental bliss. Indeed, for You there is no question of lamentation. Since You are the supreme cause, the cause of all causes, nothing can exist without You. Yet we are different from You in a relationship of cause and effect, for in one sense the cause and effect are different. You are the original cause of creation, manifestation and annihilation, and You bestow benedictions upon all living entities. Everyone depends upon You for the results of his activities, but You are always independent. ।। 8-12-7 ।।

  3. 8

    एकस्त्वमेव सदसद्द्वयमद्वयं च स्वर्णं कृताकृतमिवेह न वस्तुभेदः । अज्ञानतस्त्वयि जनैर्विहितो विकल्पो यस्माद्गुणव्यतिकरो निरुपाधिकस्य ।। ८-१२-८ ।।

    My dear Lord, Your Lordship alone is the cause and the effect. Therefore, although You appear to be two, You are the absolute one. As there is no difference between the gold of a golden ornament and the gold in a mine, there is no difference between cause and effect; both of them are the same. Only because of ignorance do people concoct differences and dualities. You are free from material contamination, and since the entire cosmos is caused by You and cannot exist without You, it is an effect of Your transcendental qualities. Thus the conception that Brahman is true and the world false cannot be maintained. ।। 8-12-8 ।।

  4. 9

    त्वां ब्रह्म केचिदवयन्त्युत धर्ममेके एके परं सदसतोः पुरुषं परेशम् । अन्येऽवयन्ति नवशक्तियुतं परं त्वां केचिन्महापुरुषमव्ययमात्मतन्त्रम् ।। ८-१२-९ ।।

    Those who are known as the impersonalist Vedāntists regard You as the impersonal Brahman. Others, known as the Mīmāṁsaka philosophers, regard You as religion. The Sāṅkhya philosophers regard You as the transcendental person who is beyond prakṛti and puruṣa and who is the controller of even the demigods. The followers of the codes of devotional service known as the Pañcarātras regard You as being endowed with nine different potencies. And the Patañjala philosophers, the followers of Patañjali Muni, regard You as the supreme independent Personality of Godhead, who has no equal or superior. ।। 8-12-9 ।।

  5. 10

    नाहं परायुरृषयो न मरीचिमुख्या जानन्ति यद्विरचितं खलु सत्त्वसर्गाः । यन्मायया मुषितचेतस ईश दैत्यमर्त्यादयः किमुत शश्वदभद्रवृत्ताः ।। ८-१२-१० ।।

    O my Lord, I, who am considered to be the best of the demigods, and Lord Brahmā and the great ṛṣis, headed by Marīci, are born of the mode of goodness. Nonetheless, we are bewildered by Your illusory energy and cannot understand what this creation is. Aside from us, what is to be said of others, like the demons and human beings, who are in the base modes of material nature [rajo-guṇa and tamo-guṇa]? How will they know You? ।। 8-12-10 ।।