1. 31

    तदापतद्गगनतले महाजवं विचिच्छिदे हरिरिषुभिः सहस्रधा । तमाहनन्नृप कुलिशेन कन्धरे रुषान्वितस्त्रिदशपतिः शिरो हरन् ।। ८-११-३१ ।।

    O King, when Indra, King of heaven, saw this very powerful spear falling toward the ground like a blazing meteor, he immediately cut it to pieces with his arrows. Then, being very angry, he struck Namuci’s shoulder with his thunderbolt to cut off Namuci’s head. ।। 8-11-31 ।।

  2. 32

    न तस्य हि त्वचमपि वज्र ऊर्जितो बिभेद यः सुरपतिनौजसेरितः । तदद्भुतं परमतिवीर्यवृत्रभित्तिरस्कृतो नमुचिशिरोधरत्वचा ।। ८-११-३२ ।।

    Although King Indra hurled his thunderbolt at Namuci with great force, it could not even pierce his skin. It is very wonderful that the famed thunderbolt that had pierced the body of Vṛtrāsura could not even slightly injure the skin of Namuci’s neck. ।। 8-11-32 ।।

  3. 33

    तस्मादिन्द्रोऽबिभेच्छत्रोर्वज्रः प्रतिहतो यतः । किमिदं दैवयोगेन भूतं लोकविमोहनम् ।। ८-११-३३ ।।

    When Indra saw the thunderbolt return from the enemy, he was very much afraid. He began to wonder whether this had happened because of some miraculous superior power. ।। 8-11-33 ।।

  4. 34

    येन मे पूर्वमद्रीणां पक्षच्छेदः प्रजात्यये । कृतो निविशतां भारैः पतत्त्रैः पततां भुवि ।। ८-११-३४ ।।

    Indra thought: Formerly, when many mountains flying in the sky with wings would fall to the ground and kill people, I cut their wings with this same thunderbolt. ।। 8-11-34 ।।

  5. 35

    तपःसारमयं त्वाष्ट्रं वृत्रो येन विपाटितः । अन्ये चापि बलोपेताः सर्वास्त्रैरक्षतत्वचः ।। ८-११-३५ ।।

    Vṛtrāsura was the essence of the austerities undergone by Tvaṣṭā, yet the thunderbolt killed him. Indeed, not only he but also many other stalwart heroes, whose very skin could not be injured even by all kinds of weapons, were killed by the same thunderbolt. ।। 8-11-35 ।।