1. 26

    ततस्तुराषाडिषुबद्धपञ्जराद्विनिर्गतः साश्वरथध्वजाग्रणीः । बभौ दिशः खं पृथिवीं च रोचयन् स्वतेजसा सूर्य इव क्षपात्यये ।। ८-११-२६ ।।

    Thereafter, Indra released himself from the cage of the network of arrows. Appearing with his chariot, flag, horses and chariot driver and thus pleasing the sky, the earth and all directions, he shone effulgently like the sun at the end of night. Indra was bright and beautiful in the vision of everyone. ।। 8-11-26 ।।

  2. 27

    निरीक्ष्य पृतनां देवः परैरभ्यर्दितां रणे । उदयच्छद्रिपुं हन्तुं वज्रं वज्रधरो रुषा ।। ८-११-२७ ।।

    When Indra, who is known as Vajra-dhara, the carrier of the thunderbolt, saw his own soldiers so oppressed by the enemies on the battlefield, he became very angry. Thus he took up his thunderbolt to kill the enemies. ।। 8-11-27 ।।

  3. 28

    स तेनैवाष्टधारेण शिरसी बलपाकयोः । ज्ञातीनां पश्यतां राजन् जहार जनयन् भयम् ।। ८-११-२८ ।।

    O King Parīkṣit, King Indra used his thunderbolt to cut off the heads of both Bala and Pāka in the presence of all their relatives and followers. In this way he created a very fearful atmosphere on the battlefield. ।। 8-11-28 ।।

  4. 29

    नमुचिस्तद्वधं दृष्ट्वा शोकामर्षरुषान्वितः । जिघांसुरिन्द्रं नृपते चकार परमोद्यमम् ।। ८-११-२९ ।।

    O King, when Namuci, another demon, saw the killing of both Bala and Pāka, he was full of grief and lamentation. Thus he angrily made a great attempt to kill Indra. ।। 8-11-29 ।।

  5. 30

    अश्मसारमयं शूलं घण्टावद्धेमभूषणम् । प्रगृह्याभ्यद्रवत्क्रुद्धो हतोऽसीति वितर्जयन् । प्राहिणोद्देवराजाय निनदन् मृगराडिव ।। ८-११-३० ।।

    Being angry and roaring like a lion, the demon Namuci took up a steel spear, which was bound with bells and decorated with ornaments of gold. He loudly cried, “Now you are killed!” Thus coming before Indra to kill him, Namuci released his weapon. ।। 8-11-30 ।।