1. 21

    हरीन् दशशतान्याजौ हर्यश्वस्य बलः शरैः । तावद्भिरर्दयामास युगपल्लघुहस्तवान् ।। ८-११-२१ ।।

    Quickly handling the situation on the battlefield, the demon Bala put all of Indra’s one thousand horses into tribulation by simultaneously piercing them all with an equal number of arrows. ।। 8-11-21 ।।

  2. 22

    शताभ्यां मातलिं पाको रथं सावयवं पृथक् । सकृत्सन्धानमोक्षेण तदद्भुतमभूद्रणे ।। ८-११-२२ ।।

    Pāka, another demon, attacked both the chariot, with all its paraphernalia, and the chariot driver, Mātali, by fitting two hundred arrows to his bow and releasing them all simultaneously. This was indeed a wonderful act on the battlefield. ।। 8-11-22 ।।

  3. 23

    नमुचिः पञ्चदशभिः स्वर्णपुङ्खैर्महेषुभिः । आहत्य व्यनदत्सङ्ख्ये सतोय इव तोयदः ।। ८-११-२३ ।।

    Then Namuci, another demon, attacked Indra and injured him with fifteen very powerful golden-feathered arrows, which roared like a cloud full of water. ।। 8-11-23 ।।

  4. 24

    सर्वतः शरकूटेन शक्रं सरथसारथिम् । छादयामासुरसुराः प्रावृट्सूर्यमिवाम्बुदाः ।। ८-११-२४ ।।

    Other demons covered Indra, along with his chariot and chariot driver, with incessant showers of arrows, just as clouds cover the sun in the rainy season. ।। 8-11-24 ।।

  5. 25

    अलक्षयन्तस्तमतीव विह्वला विचुक्रुशुर्देवगणाः सहानुगाः । अनायकाः शत्रुबलेन निर्जिता वणिक्पथा भिन्ननवो यथार्णवे ।। ८-११-२५ ।।

    The demigods, being severely oppressed by their enemies and being unable to see Indra on the battlefield, were very anxious. Having no captain or leader, they began lamenting like traders in a wrecked vessel in the midst of the ocean. ।। 8-11-25 ।।