1. 61

    पयःफेननिभाः शय्या दान्ता रुक्मपरिच्छदाः । आसनानि महार्हाणि यत्र रौक्मा उपस्कराः ।। ४-९-६१ ।।

    The bedding in the palace was as white as the foam of milk and was very soft. The bedsteads were made of ivory with embellishments of gold, and the chairs, benches and other sitting places and furniture were made of gold. ।। 4-9-61 ।।

  2. 62

    यत्र स्फटिककुड्येषु महामारकतेषु च । मणिप्रदीपा आभान्ति ललनारत्नसंयुताः ।। ४-९-६२ ।।

    The palace of the King was surrounded by walls made of marble with many engravings made of valuable jewels like sapphires, which depicted beautiful women with shining jewel lamps in their hands. ।। 4-9-62 ।।

  3. 63

    उद्यानानि च रम्याणि विचित्रैरमरद्रुमैः । कूजद्विहङ्गमिथुनैर्गायन् मत्तमधुव्रतैः ।। ४-९-६३ ।।

    The King’s residence was surrounded by gardens wherein there were varieties of trees brought from the heavenly planets. In those trees there were pairs of sweetly singing birds and almost-mad bumblebees, which made a very relishable buzzing sound. ।। 4-9-63 ।।

  4. 64

    वाप्यो वैदूर्यसोपानाः पद्मोत्पलकुमुद्वतीः । हंसकारण्डवकुलैर्जुष्टाश्चक्राह्वसारसैः ।। ४-९-६४ ।।

    There were emerald staircases which led to lakes full of variously colored lotus flowers and lilies, and swans, kāraṇḍavas, cakravākas, cranes and similar other valuable birds were visible in those lakes. ।। 4-9-64 ।।

  5. 65

    उत्तानपादो राजर्षिः प्रभावं तनयस्य तम् । श्रुत्वा दृष्ट्वाद्भुततमं प्रपेदे विस्मयं परम् ।। ४-९-६५ ।।

    The saintly King Uttānapāda, hearing of the glorious deeds of Dhruva Mahārāja and personally seeing also how influential and great he was, felt very satisfied, for Dhruva’s activities were wonderful to the supreme degree. ।। 4-9-65 ।।