1. 1

    मैत्रेय उवाच त एवमुत्सन्नभया उरुक्रमे कृतावनामाः प्रययुस्त्रिविष्टपम् । सहस्रशीर्षापि ततो गरुत्मता मधोर्वनं भृत्यदिदृक्षया गतः ।। ४-९-१ ।।

    The great sage Maitreya told Vidura: When the demigods were thus reassured by the Personality of Godhead, they were freed from all fears, and after offering their obeisances they returned to their heavenly planets. Then the Lord, who is nondifferent from the Sahasraśīrṣā incarnation, got on the back of Garuḍa, who carried Him to the Madhuvana Forest to see His servant Dhruva. ।। 4-9-1 ।।

  2. 2

    स वै धिया योगविपाकतीव्रया हृत्पद्मकोशे स्फुरितं तडित्प्रभम् । तिरोहितं सहसैवोपलक्ष्य बहिःस्थितं तदवस्थं ददर्श ।। ४-९-२ ।।

    The form of the Lord, which was brilliant like lightning and in which Dhruva Mahārāja, in his mature yogic process, was fully absorbed in meditation, all of a sudden disappeared. Thus Dhruva was perturbed, and his meditation broke. But as soon as he opened his eyes he saw the Supreme Personality of Godhead personally present, just as he had been seeing the Lord in his heart. ।। 4-9-2 ।।

  3. 3

    तद्दर्शनेनागतसाध्वसः क्षिता- ववन्दताङ्गं विनमय्य दण्डवत् । दृग्भ्यां प्रपश्यन् प्रपिबन्निवार्भकः चुम्बन्निवास्येन भुजैरिवाश्लिषन् ।। ४-९-३ ।।

    When Dhruva Mahārāja saw his Lord just in front of him, he was greatly agitated and offered Him obeisances and respect. He fell flat before Him like a rod and became absorbed in love of Godhead. Dhruva Mahārāja, in ecstasy, looked upon the Lord as if he were drinking the Lord with his eyes, kissing the lotus feet of the Lord with his mouth, and embracing the Lord with his arms. ।। 4-9-3 ।।

  4. 4

    स तं विवक्षन्तमतद्विदं हरिः ज्ञात्वास्य सर्वस्य च हृद्यवस्थितः । कृताञ्जलिं ब्रह्ममयेन कम्बुना पस्पर्श बालं कृपया कपोले ।। ४-९-४ ।।

    Although Dhruva Mahārāja was a small boy, he wanted to offer prayers to the Supreme Personality of Godhead in suitable language. But because he was inexperienced, he could not adjust himself immediately. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, being situated in everyone’s heart, could understand Dhruva Mahārāja’s awkward position. Out of His causeless mercy He touched His conchshell to the forehead of Dhruva Mahārāja, who stood before Him with folded hands. ।। 4-9-4 ।।

  5. 5

    स वै तदैव प्रतिपादितां गिरं दैवीं परिज्ञातपरात्मनिर्णयः । तं भक्तिभावोऽभ्यगृणादसत्वरं परिश्रुतोरुश्रवसं ध्रुवक्षितिः ।। ४-९-५ ।।

    At that time Dhruva Mahārāja became perfectly aware of the Vedic conclusion and understood the Absolute Truth and His relationship with all living entities. In accordance with the line of devotional service to the Supreme Lord, whose fame is widespread, Dhruva, who in the future would receive a planet which would never be annihilated, even during the time of dissolution, offered his deliberate and conclusive prayers. ।। 4-9-5 ।।