1. 26

    दक्ष उवाच शुद्धं स्वधाम्न्युपरताखिलबुद्ध्यवस्थं चिन्मात्रमेकमभयं प्रतिषिध्य मायाम् । तिष्ठंस्तयैव पुरुषत्वमुपेत्य तस्यामास्तेभवानपरिशुद्ध इवात्मतन्त्रः ।। ४-७-२६ ।।

    Dakṣa addressed the Supreme Personality of Godhead: My dear Lord, You are transcendental to all speculative positions. You are completely spiritual, devoid of all fear, and You are always in control of the material energy. Even though You appear in the material energy, You are situated transcendentally. You are always free from material contamination because You are completely self-sufficient. ।। 4-7-26 ।।

  2. 27

    ऋत्विज ऊचुः तत्त्वं न ते वयमनञ्जन रुद्रशापात् कर्मण्यवग्रहधियो भगवन् विदामः । धर्मोपलक्षणमिदं त्रिवृदध्वराख्यं ज्ञातं यदर्थमधिदैवमदो व्यवस्थाः ।। ४-७-२७ ।।

    The priests addressed the Lord, saying: O Lord, transcendental to material contamination, by the curse offered by Lord Śiva’s men we have become attached to fruitive activities, and thus we are now fallen and therefore do not know anything about You. On the contrary, we are now involved in the injunctions of the three departments of the Vedic knowledge under the plea of executing rituals in the name of yajña. We know that You have made arrangements for distributing the respective shares of the demigods. ।। 4-7-27 ।।

  3. 28

    सदस्या ऊचुः उत्पत्त्यध्वन्यशरण उरुक्लेशदुर्गेऽन्तकोग्र- व्यालान्विष्टे विषयमृगतृष्णाऽऽत्मगेहोरुभारः । द्वन्द्वश्वभ्रे खलमृगभये शोकदावेऽज्ञसार्थः पादौकस्ते शरणद कदा याति कामोपसृष्टः ॥ २८॥

    The members of the assembly addressed the Lord: O exclusive shelter for all who are situated in troubled life, in this formidable fort of conditional existence the time element, like a snake, is always looking for an opportunity to strike. This world is full of ditches of so-called distress and happiness, and there are many ferocious animals always ready to attack. The fire of lamentation is always blazing, and the mirage of false happiness is always alluring, but one has no shelter from them. Thus foolish persons live in the cycle of birth and death, always overburdened in discharging their so-called duties, and we do not know when they will accept the shelter of Your lotus feet. ।। 4-7-28 ।।

  4. 29

    रुद्र उवाच तव वरद वराङ्घ्रावाशिषेहाखिलार्थे ह्यपि मुनिभिरसक्तैरादरेणार्हणीये । यदि रचितधियं माविद्यलोकोऽपविद्धं जपति न गणये तत्त्वत्परानुग्रहेण ।। ४-७-२९ ।।

    Lord Śiva said: My dear Lord, my mind and consciousness are always fixed on Your lotus feet, which, as the source of all benediction and the fulfillment of all desires, are worshiped by all liberated great sages because Your lotus feet are worthy of worship. With my mind fixed on Your lotus feet, I am no longer disturbed by persons who blaspheme me, claiming that my activities are not purified. I do not mind their accusations, and I excuse them out of compassion, just as You exhibit compassion toward all living entities. ।। 4-7-29 ।।

  5. 30

    भृगुरुवाच यन्मायया गहनयापहृतात्मबोधा ब्रह्मादयस्तनुभृतस्तमसि स्वपन्तः । नात्मन् श्रितं तव विदन्त्यधुनापि तत्त्वं सोऽयं प्रसीदतु भवान् प्रणतात्मबन्धुः ।। ४-७-३० ।।

    Śrī Bhṛgu said: My dear Lord, all living entities, beginning from the highest, namely Lord Brahmā, down to the ordinary ant, are under the influence of the insurmountable spell of illusory energy, and thus they are ignorant of their constitutional position. Everyone believes in the concept of the body, and all are thus submerged in the darkness of illusion. They are actually unable to understand how You live in every living entity as the Supersoul, nor can they understand Your absolute position. But You are the eternal friend and protector of all surrendered souls. Therefore, please be kind toward us and forgive all our offenses. ।। 4-7-30 ।।