1. 11

    भवस्तवाय कृतधीर्नाशक्नोदनुरागतः । औत्कण्ठ्याद्बाष्पकलया सम्परेतां सुतां स्मरन् ।। ४-७-११ ।।

    King Dakṣa wanted to offer prayers to Lord Śiva, but as he remembered the ill-fated death of his daughter Satī, his eyes filled with tears, and in bereavement his voice choked up and he could not say anything. ।। 4-7-11 ।।

  2. 12

    कृच्छ्रात्संस्तभ्य च मनः प्रेमविह्वलितः सुधीः । शशंस निर्व्यलीकेन भावेनेशं प्रजापतिः ।। ४-७-१२ ।।

    At this time, King Dakṣa, afflicted by love and affection, was very much awakened to his real senses. With great endeavor, he pacified his mind, checked his feelings, and with pure consciousness began to offer prayers to Lord Śiva. ।। 4-7-12 ।।

  3. 13

    दक्ष उवाच भूयाननुग्रह अहो भवता कृतो मे दण्डस्त्वया मयि भृतो यदपि प्रलब्धः । न ब्रह्मबन्धुषु च वां भगवन्नवज्ञा तुभ्यं हरेश्च कुत एव धृतव्रतेषु ।। ४-७-१३ ।।

    King Dakṣa said: My dear Lord Śiva, I committed a great offense against you, but you are so kind that instead of withdrawing your mercy, you have done me a great favor by punishing me. You and Lord Viṣṇu never neglect even useless, unqualified brāhmaṇas. Why, then, should you neglect me, who am engaged in performing sacrifices? ।। 4-7-13 ।।

  4. 14

    विद्यातपोव्रतधरान् मुखतः स्म विप्रान् ब्रह्मात्मतत्त्वमवितुं प्रथमं त्वमस्राक् । तद्ब्राह्मणान् परम सर्वविपत्सु पासि पालः पशूनिव विभो प्रगृहीतदण्डः ।। ४-७-१४ ।।

    My dear great and powerful Lord Śiva, you were created first from the mouth of Lord Brahmā in order to protect the brāhmaṇas in pursuing education, austerities, vows and self-realization. As protector of the brāhmaṇas, you always protect the regulative principles they follow, just as a cowherd boy keeps a stick in his hand to give protection to the cows. ।। 4-7-14 ।।

  5. 15

    योऽसौ मयाविदिततत्त्वदृशा सभायां क्षिप्तो दुरुक्तिविशिखैर्विगणय्य तन्माम् । अर्वाक्पतन्तमर्हत्तम निन्दयापाद्दृष्ट्याऽऽर्द्रया स भगवान् स्वकृतेन तुष्येत् ।। ४-७-१५ ।।

    I did not know your full glories. For this reason, I threw arrows of sharp words at you in the open assembly, although you did not take them into account. I was going down to hell because of my disobedience to you, who are the most respectable personality, but you took compassion upon me and saved me by awarding punishment. I request that you be pleased by your own mercy, since I cannot satisfy you by my words. मैत्रेय मुनि ने कहा : इस प्रकार शिवजी द्वारा क्षमा कर दिये जाने पर राजा दक्ष ने ब्रह्मा की अनुमति से विद्वान साधुओं, पुरोहितों तथा अन्यों के साथ पुन: यज्ञ करना प्रारम्भ कर दिया। ।। 4-7-15 ।।