1. 1

    मैत्रेय उवाच इत्यजेनानुनीतेन भवेन परितुष्यता । अभ्यधायि महाबाहो प्रहस्य श्रूयतामिति ।। ४-७-१ ।।

    The sage Maitreya said: O mighty-armed Vidura, Lord Śiva, being thus pacified by the words of Lord Brahmā, spoke as follows in answer to Lord Brahmā’s request. ।। 4-7-1 ।।

  2. 2

    महादेव उवाच नाघं प्रजेश बालानां वर्णये नानुचिन्तये । देवमायाभिभूतानां दण्डस्तत्र धृतो मया ।। ४-७-२ ।।

    Lord Śiva said: My dear father, Brahmā, I do not mind the offenses created by the demigods. Because these demigods are childish and less intelligent, I do not take a serious view of their offenses, and I have punished them only in order to right them. ।। 4-7-2 ।।

  3. 3

    प्रजापतेर्दग्धशीर्ष्णो भवत्वजमुखं शिरः । मित्रस्य चक्षुषेक्षेत भागं स्वं बर्हिषो भगः ।। ४-७-३ ।।

    Lord Śiva continued: Since the head of Dakṣa has already been burned to ashes, he will have the head of a goat. The demigod known as Bhaga will be able to see his share of sacrifice through the eyes of Mitra. ।। 4-7-3 ।।

  4. 4

    पूषा तु यजमानस्य दद्भिर्जक्षतु पिष्टभुक् । देवाः प्रकृतसर्वाङ्गा ये म उच्छेषणं ददुः ।। ४-७-४ ।।

    The demigod Pūṣā will be able to chew only through the teeth of his disciples, and if alone, he will have to satisfy himself by eating dough made from chickpea flour. But the demigods who have agreed to give me my share of the sacrifice will recover from all their injuries. ।। 4-7-4 ।।

  5. 5

    बाहुभ्यामश्विनोः पूष्णो हस्ताभ्यां कृतबाहवः । भवन्त्वध्वर्यवश्चान्ये बस्तश्मश्रुर्भृगुर्भवेत् ।। ४-७-५ ।।

    Those who have had their arms cut off will have to work with the arms of Aśvinī-kumāra, and those whose hands were cut off will have to do their work with the hands of Pūṣā. The priests will also have to act in that manner. As for Bhṛgu, he will have the beard from the goat’s head. ।। 4-7-5 ।।