1. 6

    आशासाना जीवितमध्वरस्य लोकः सपालः कुपिते न यस्मिन् । तमाशु देवं प्रियया विहीनं क्षमापयध्वं हृदि विद्धं दुरुक्तैः ।। ४-६-६ ।।

    Lord Brahmā also advised them that Lord Śiva is so powerful that by his anger all the planets and their chief controllers can be destroyed immediately. Also, he said that Lord Śiva was especially sorry because he had recently lost his dear wife and was also very much afflicted by the unkind words of Dakṣa. Under the circumstances, Lord Brahmā suggested, it would behoove them to go at once and beg his pardon. ।। 4-6-6 ।।

  2. 7

    नाहं न यज्ञो न च यूयमन्ये ये देहभाजो मुनयश्च तत्त्वम् । विदुः प्रमाणं बलवीर्ययोर्वा यस्यात्मतन्त्रस्य क उपायं विधित्सेत् ।। ४-७-७ ।।

    Lord Brahmā said that no one — not even himself, Indra, all the members assembled in the sacrificial arena or all the sages — could know how powerful Lord Śiva is. Under the circumstances, who would dare to commit an offense at his lotus feet? ।। 4-6-7 ।।

  3. 8

    स इत्थमादिश्य सुरानजस्तैः समन्वितः पितृभिः सप्रजेशैः । ययौ स्वधिष्ण्यान्निलयं पुरद्विषः कैलासमद्रिप्रवरं प्रियं प्रभोः ।। ४-६-८ ।।

    After thus instructing all the demigods, the Pitās and the lords of the living entities, Lord Brahmā took them with him and left for the abode of Lord Śiva, known as the Kailāsa Hill. ।। 4-6-8 ।।

  4. 9

    जन्मौषधितपोमन्त्रयोगसिद्धैर्नरेतरैः । जुष्टं किन्नरगन्धर्वैरप्सरोभिर्वृतं सदा ।। ४-६-९ ।।

    The abode known as Kailāsa is full of different herbs and vegetables, and it is sanctified by Vedic hymns and mystic yoga practice. Thus the residents of that abode are demigods by birth and have all mystic powers. Besides them there are other human beings, who are known as Kinnaras and Gandharvas and are accompanied by their beautiful wives, who are known as Apsarās, or angels. ।। 4-6-9 ।।

  5. 10

    नानामणिमयैः श‍ृङ्गैर्नानाधातुविचित्रितैः । नानाद्रुमलतागुल्मैर्नानामृगगणावृतैः ।। ४-६-१० ।।

    Kailāsa is full of mountains filled with all kinds of valuable jewels and minerals and surrounded by all varieties of valuable trees and plants. The top of the hill is nicely decorated by various types of deer. ।। 4-6-10 ।।