1. 31

    वैदूर्यकृतसोपाना वाप्य उत्पलमालिनीः । प्राप्तं किम्पुरुषैर्दृष्ट्वा त आराद्ददृशुर्वटम् ।। ४-६-३१ ।।

    They also saw that the bathing ghāṭas and their staircases were made of vaidūrya-maṇi. The water was full of lotus flowers. Passing by such lakes, the demigods reached a place where there was a great banyan tree. ।। 4-6-31 ।।

  2. 32

    स योजनशतोत्सेधः पादोनविटपायतः । पर्यक्कृताचलच्छायो निर्नीडस्तापवर्जितः ।। ४-६-३२ ।।

    That banyan tree was eight hundred miles high, and its branches spread over six hundred miles around. The tree cast a fine shade which permanently cooled the temperature, yet there was no noise of birds. ।। 4-6-32 ।।

  3. 33

    तस्मिन् महायोगमये मुमुक्षुशरणे सुराः । ददृशुः शिवमासीनं त्यक्तामर्षमिवान्तकम् ।। ४-६-३३ ।।

    The demigods saw Lord Śiva sitting under that tree, which was competent to give perfection to mystic yogīs and deliver all people. As grave as time eternal, he appeared to have given up all anger. ।। 4-6-33 ।।

  4. 34

    (हर हर नमः पार्वतीपतये हर हर महादेव) सनन्दनाद्यैर्महासिद्धैः शान्तैः संशान्तविग्रहम् । उपास्यमानं सख्या च भर्त्रा गुह्यकरक्षसाम् ।। ४-६-३४ ।।

    Lord Śiva sat there, surrounded by saintly persons like Kuvera, the master of the Guhyakas, and the four Kumāras, who were already liberated souls. Lord Śiva was grave and saintly. ।। 4-6-34 ।।

  5. 35

    विद्यातपोयोगपथमास्थितं तमधीश्वरम् । चरन्तं विश्वसुहृदं वात्सल्याल्लोकमङ्गलम् ।। ४-६-३५ ।।

    The demigods saw Lord Śiva situated in his perfection as the master of the senses, knowledge, fruitive activities and the path of achieving perfection. He was the friend of the entire world, and by virtue of his full affection for everyone, he was very auspicious. ।। 4-6-35 ।।