1. 26

    ययोस्तत्स्नानविभ्रष्टनवकुङ्कुमपिञ्जरम् । वितृषोऽपि पिबन्त्यम्भः पाययन्तो गजा गजीः ।। ४-६-२६ ।।

    After the damsels of the heavenly planets bathe in the water, it becomes yellowish and fragrant due to the kuṅkuma from their bodies. Thus the elephants come to bathe there with their wives, the she-elephants, and they also drink the water, although they are not thirsty. ।। 4-6-26 ।।

  2. 27

    तारहेममहारत्नविमानशतसङ्कुलाम् । जुष्टां पुण्यजनस्त्रीभिर्यथा खं सतडिद्घनम् ।। ४-६-२७ ।।

    The airplanes of the heavenly denizens are bedecked with pearls, gold and many valuable jewels. The heavenly denizens are compared to clouds in the sky decorated with occasional flashes of electric lightning. ।। 4-6-27 ।।

  3. 28

    हित्वा यक्षेश्वरपुरीं वनं सौगन्धिकं च तत् । द्रुमैः कामदुघैर्हृद्यं चित्रमाल्यफलच्छदैः ।। ४-६-२८ ।।

    While traveling, the demigods passed over the forest known as Saugandhika, which is full of varieties of flowers, fruits and desire trees. While passing over the forest, they also saw the regions of Yakṣeśvara. ।। 4-6-28 ।।

  4. 29

    रक्तकण्ठखगानीकस्वरमण्डितषट्पदम् । कलहंसकुलप्रेष्ठं खरदण्डजलाशयम् ।। ४-६-२९ ।।

    In that celestial forest there were many birds whose necks were colored reddish and whose sweet sounds mixed with the humming of the bees. The lakes were abundantly decorated with crying swans as well as strong-stemmed lotus flowers. ।। 4-6-29 ।।

  5. 30

    वनकुञ्जरसङ्घृष्टहरिचन्दनवायुना । अधि पुण्यजनस्त्रीणां मुहुरुन्मथयन् मनः ।। ४-६-३० ।।

    All these atmospheric influences unsettled the forest elephants who flocked together in the sandalwood forest, and the blowing wind agitated the minds of the damsels there for further sexual enjoyment. ।। 4-6-30 ।।