1. 6

    आब्रह्मघोषोर्जितयज्ञवैशसं विप्रर्षिजुष्टं विबुधैश्च सर्वशः । मृद्दार्वयःकाञ्चनदर्भचर्मभिर्निसृष्टभाण्डं यजनं समाविशत् ।। ४-४-६ ।।

    She then reached her father’s house, where the sacrifice was being performed, and entered the arena where everyone was chanting the Vedic hymns. The great sages, brāhmaṇas and demigods were all assembled there, and there were many sacrificial animals, as well as pots made of clay, stone, gold, grass and skin, which were all requisite for the sacrifice. ।। 4-4-6 ।।

  2. 7

    तामागतां तत्र न कश्चनाद्रियद्विमानितां यज्ञकृतो भयाज्जनः । ऋते स्वसॄर्वै जननीं च सादराः प्रेमाश्रुकण्ठ्यः परिषस्वजुर्मुदा ।। ४-४-७ ।।

    When Satī, with her followers, reached the arena, because all the people assembled were afraid of Dakṣa, none of them received her well. No one welcomed her but her mother and sisters, who, with tears in their eyes and with glad faces, welcomed her and talked with her very pleasingly. ।। 4-4-7 ।।

  3. 8

    सौदर्यसम्प्रश्नसमर्थवार्तया मात्रा च मातृष्वसृभिश्च सादरम् । दत्तां सपर्यां वरमासनं च सा नादत्त पित्राऽप्रतिनन्दिता सती ।। ४-४-८ ।।

    Although she was received by her sisters and mother, she did not reply to their words of reception, and although she was offered a seat and presents, she did not accept anything, for her father neither talked with her nor welcomed her by asking about her welfare. ।। 4-4-8 ।।

  4. 9

    अरुद्रभागं तमवेक्ष्य चाध्वरं पित्रा च देवे कृतहेलनं विभौ । अनादृता यज्ञसदस्यधीश्वरी चुकोप लोकानिव धक्ष्यती रुषा ।। ४-४-९ ।।

    Present in the arena of sacrifice, Satī saw that there were no oblations for her husband, Lord Śiva. Next she realized that not only had her father failed to invite Lord Śiva, but when he saw Lord Śiva’s exalted wife, Dakṣa did not receive her either. Thus she became greatly angry, so much so that she looked at her father as if she were going to burn him with her eyes. ।। 4-4-9 ।।

  5. 10

    जगर्ह सामर्षविपन्नया गिरा शिवद्विषं धूमपथश्रमस्मयम् । स्वतेजसा भूतगणान् समुत्थितान् निगृह्य देवी जगतोऽभिश‍ृण्वतः ।। ४-४-१० ।।

    The followers of Lord Śiva, the ghosts, were ready to injure or kill Dakṣa, but Satī stopped them by her order. She was very angry and sorrowful, and in that mood she began to condemn the process of sacrificial fruitive activities and persons who are very proud of such unnecessary and troublesome sacrifices. She especially condemned her father, speaking against him in the presence of all. ।। 4-4-10 ।।