1. 1

    मैत्रेय उवाच एतावदुक्त्वा विरराम शङ्करः पत्न्यङ्गनाशं ह्युभयत्र चिन्तयन् । सुहृद्दिदृक्षुः परिशङ्किता भवान्निष्क्रामती निर्विशती द्विधाऽऽस सा ।। ४-४-१ ।।

    The sage Maitreya said: Lord Śiva was silent after speaking to Satī, seeing her between decisions. Satī was very much anxious to see her relatives at her father’s house, but at the same time she was afraid of Lord Śiva’s warning. Her mind unsettled, she moved in and out of the room as a swing moves this way and that. ।। 4-4-1 ।।

  2. 2

    सुहृद्दिदृक्षाप्रतिघातदुर्मनाः स्नेहाद्रुदत्यश्रुकलातिविह्वला । भवं भवान्यप्रतिपूरुषं रुषा प्रधक्ष्यतीवैक्षत जातवेपथुः ।। ४-४-२ ।।

    Satī felt very sorry at being forbidden to go see her relatives at her father’s house, and due to affection for them, tears fell from her eyes. Shaking and very much afflicted, she looked at her uncommon husband, Lord Śiva, as if she were going to blast him with her vision. ।। 4-4-2 ।।

  3. 3

    ततो विनिःश्वस्य सती विहाय तं शोकेन रोषेण च दूयता हृदा । पित्रोरगात्स्त्रैणविमूढधीर्गृहान् प्रेम्णाऽऽत्मनो योऽर्धमदात्सतां प्रियः ।। ४-४-३ ।।

    Thereafter Satī left her husband, Lord Śiva, who had given her half his body due to affection. Breathing very heavily because of anger and bereavement, she went to the house of her father. This less intelligent act was due to her being a weak woman. ।। 4-4-3 ।।

  4. 4

    तामन्वगच्छन्द्रुतविक्रमां सतीमेकां त्रिनेत्रानुचराः सहस्रशः । सपार्षदयक्षा मणिमन्मदादयः पुरो वृषेन्द्रास्तरसा गतव्यथाः ।। ४-४-४ ।।

    When they saw Satī leaving alone very rapidly, thousands of Lord Śiva’s disciples, headed by Maṇimān and Mada, quickly followed her with his bull Nandi in front and accompanied by the Yakṣas. ।। 4-4-4 ।।

  5. 5

    तां सारिकाकन्दुकदर्पणाम्बुजश्वेतातपत्रव्यजनस्रगादिभिः । गीतायनैर्दुन्दुभिशङ्खवेणुभिर्वृषेन्द्रमारोप्य विटङ्किता ययुः ।। ४-४-५ ।।

    The disciples of Lord Śiva arranged for Satī to be seated on the back of a bull and gave her the bird which was her pet. They bore a lotus flower, a mirror and all such paraphernalia for her enjoyment and covered her with a great canopy. Followed by a singing party with drums, conchshells and bugles, the entire procession was as pompous as a royal parade. ।। 4-4-5 ।।