1. 1

    विदुर उवाच ये त्वयाभिहिता ब्रह्मन् सुताः प्राचीनबर्हिषः । ते रुद्रगीतेन हरिं सिद्धिमापुः प्रतोष्य काम् ।

    Vidura inquired from Maitreya: O brāhmaṇa, you formerly spoke about the sons of Prācīnabarhi and informed me that they satisfied the Supreme Personality of Godhead by chanting a song composed by Lord Śiva. What did they achieve in this way? ।। 4-30-1 ।।

  2. 2

    किं बार्हस्पत्येह परत्र वाथ कैवल्यनाथप्रियपार्श्ववर्तिनः । आसाद्य देवं गिरिशं यदृच्छया प्रापुः परं नूनमथ प्रचेतसः ।। ४-३०-२ ।।

    My dear Bārhaspatya, what did the sons of King Barhiṣat, known as the Pracetās, obtain after meeting Lord Śiva, who is very dear to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the bestower of liberation? Certainly they were transferred to the spiritual world, but apart from that, what did they obtain within this material world, either in this life or in other lives? ।। 4-30-2 ।।

  3. 3

    मैत्रेय उवाच प्रचेतसोऽन्तरुदधौ पितुरादेशकारिणः । जपयज्ञेन तपसा पुरञ्जनमतोषयन् ।। ४-३०-३ ।।

    The great sage Maitreya said: The sons of King Prācīnabarhi, known as the Pracetās, underwent severe austerities within the seawater to carry out the order of their father. By chanting and repeating the mantras given by Lord Śiva, they were able to satisfy Lord Viṣṇu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. ।। 4-30-3 ।।

  4. 4

    दशवर्षसहस्रान्ते पुरुषस्तु सनातनः । तेषामाविरभूत्कृच्छ्रं शान्तेन शमयन् रुचा ।। ४-३०-४ ।।

    At the end of ten thousand years of severe austerities performed by the Pracetās, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, to reward their austerities, appeared before them in His very pleasing form. This appealed to the Pracetās and satisfied the labor of their austerities. ।। 4-30-4 ।।

  5. 5

    सुपर्णस्कन्धमारूढो मेरुश‍ृङ्गमिवाम्बुदः । पीतवासा मणिग्रीवः कुर्वन् वितिमिरा दिशः ।। ४-३०-५ ।।

    The Personality of Godhead, appearing on the shoulder of Garuḍa, seemed like a cloud resting on the summit of the mountain known as Meru. The transcendental body of the Personality of Godhead was covered by attractive yellow garments, and His neck was decorated with the jewel known as Kaustubha-maṇi. The bodily effulgence of the Lord dissipated all the darkness of the universe. ।। 4-30-5 ।।