1. 61

    माया ह्येषा मया सृष्टा यत्पुमांसं स्त्रियं सतीम् । मन्यसे नोभयं यद्वै हंसौ पश्यावयोर्गतिम् ।। ४-२८-६१ ।।

    Sometimes you think yourself a man, sometimes a chaste woman and sometimes a neutral eunuch. This is all because of the body, which is created by the illusory energy. This illusory energy is My potency, and actually both of us — you and I — are pure spiritual identities. Now just try to understand this. I am trying to explain our factual position. ।। 4-28-61 ।।

  2. 62

    अहं भवान् न चान्यस्त्वं त्वमेवाहं विचक्ष्व भोः । न नौ पश्यन्ति कवयश्छिद्रं जातु मनागपि ।। ४-२८-६२ ।।

    My dear friend, I, the Supersoul, and you, the individual soul, are not different in quality, for we are both spiritual. In fact, My dear friend, you are qualitatively not different from Me in your constitutional position. Just try to consider this subject. Those who are actually advanced scholars, who are in knowledge, do not find any qualitative difference between you and Me. ।। 4-28-62 ।।

  3. 63

    यथा पुरुष आत्मानमेकमादर्शचक्षुषोः । द्विधाभूतमवेक्षेत तथैवान्तरमावयोः ।। ४-२८-६३ ।।

    As a person sees the reflection of his body in a mirror to be one with himself and not different, whereas others actually see two bodies, so in our material condition, in which the living being is affected and yet not affected, there is a difference between God and the living entity. ।। 4-28-63 ।।

  4. 64

    एवं स मानसो हंसो हंसेन प्रतिबोधितः । स्वस्थस्तद्व्यभिचारेण नष्टामाप पुनः स्मृतिम् ।। ४-२८-६४ ।।

    In this way both swans live together in the heart. When the one swan is instructed by the other, he is situated in his constitutional position. This means he regains his original Kṛṣṇa consciousness, which was lost because of his material attraction. ।। 4-28-64 ।।

  5. 65

    बर्हिष्मन्नेतदध्यात्मं पारोक्ष्येण प्रदर्शितम् । यत्परोक्षप्रियो देवो भगवान् विश्वभावनः ।। ४-२८-६५ ।।

    My dear King Prācīnabarhi, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the cause of all causes, is celebrated to be known indirectly. Thus I have described the story of Purañjana to you. Actually it is an instruction for self-realization. ।। 4-28-65 ।।