1. 26

    तन्मे प्रसीद सुहृदः कृतकिल्बिषस्य स्वैरं गतस्य मृगयां व्यसनातुरस्य । का देवरं वशगतं कुसुमास्त्रवेगविस्रस्तपौंस्नमुशती न भजेत कृत्ये ।। ४-२६-२६ ।।

    My dear Queen, due to my sinful desires I went to the forest to hunt without asking you. Therefore I must admit that I have offended you. Nonetheless, thinking of me as your most intimate subordinate, you should still be very much pleased with me. Factually I am very much bereaved, but being pierced by the arrow of Cupid, I am feeling lusty. But where is the beautiful woman who would give up her lusty husband and refuse to unite with him? ।। 4-26-26 ।।