1. 21

    पुरञ्जन उवाच नूनं त्वकृतपुण्यास्ते भृत्या येष्वीश्वराः शुभे । कृतागःस्वात्मसात्कृत्वा शिक्षा दण्डं न युञ्जते ।। ४-२६-२१ ।।

    King Purañjana said: My dear beautiful wife, when a master accepts a servant as his own man, but does not punish him for his offenses, the servant must be considered unfortunate. ।। 4-26-21 ।।

  2. 22

    परमोऽनुग्रहो दण्डो भृत्येषु प्रभुणार्पितः । बालो न वेद तत्तन्वि बन्धुकृत्यममर्षणः ।। ४-२६-२२ ।।

    My dear slender maiden, when a master chastises his servant, the servant should accept this as great mercy. One who becomes angry must be very foolish not to know that such is the duty of his friend. ।। 4-26-22 ।।

  3. 23

    सा त्वं मुखं सुदति सुभ्र्वनुरागभारव्रीडाविलम्बविलसद्धसितावलोकम् । नीलालकालिभिरुपस्कृतमुन्नसं नः स्वानां प्रदर्शय मनस्विनि वल्गु वाक्यम् ।। ४-२६-२३ ।।

    My dear wife, your teeth are very beautifully set, and your attractive features make you appear very thoughtful. Kindly give up your anger, be merciful upon me, and please smile upon me with loving attachment. When I see a smile on your beautiful face, and when I see your hair, which is as beautiful as the color blue, and see your raised nose and hear your sweet talk, you will become more beautiful to me and thus attract me and oblige me. You are my most respected mistress. ।। 4-26-23 ।।

  4. 24

    तस्मिन् दधे दममहं तव वीरपत्नि योऽन्यत्र भूसुरकुलात्कृतकिल्बिषस्तम् । पश्ये न वीतभयमुन्मुदितं त्रिलोक्यामन्यत्र वै मुररिपोरितरत्र दासात् ।। ४-२६-२४ ।।

    O hero’s wife, kindly tell me if someone has offended you. I am prepared to give such a person punishment as long as he does not belong to the brāhmaṇa caste. But for the servant of Muraripu [Kṛṣṇa], I excuse no one within or beyond these three worlds. No one can freely move after offending you, for I am prepared to punish him. ।। 4-26-24 ।।

  5. 25

    वक्त्रं न ते वितिलकं मलिनं विहर्षं संरम्भभीममविमृष्टमपेतरागम् । पश्ये स्तनावपि शुचोपहतौ सुजातौ बिम्बाधरं विगतकुङ्कुमपङ्करागम् ।। ४-२६-२५ ।।

    My dear wife, until this day I have never seen your face without tilaka decorations, nor have I seen you so morose and without luster or affection. Nor have I seen your two nice breasts wet with tears from your eyes. Nor have I ever before seen your lips, which are ordinarily as red as the bimba fruit, without their reddish hue. ।। 4-26-25 ।।