1. 31

    त्वदाननं सुभ्रु सुतारलोचनं व्यालम्बि नीलालकवृन्दसंवृतम् । उन्नीय मे दर्शय वल्गु वाचकं यद्व्रीडया नाभिमुखं शुचिस्मिते ।। ४-२५-३१ ।।

    My dear girl, your face is so beautiful with your nice eyebrows and eyes and with your bluish hair scattered about. In addition, very sweet sounds are coming from your mouth. Nonetheless, you are so covered with shyness that you do not see me face to face. I therefore request you, my dear girl, to smile and kindly raise your head to see me. ।। 4-25-31 ।।

  2. 32

    नारद उवाच इत्थं पुरञ्जनं नारी याचमानमधीरवत् । अभ्यनन्दत तं वीरं हसन्ती वीरमोहिता ।। ४-२५-३२ ।।

    Nārada continued: My dear King, when Purañjana became so attracted and impatient to touch the girl and enjoy her, the girl also became attracted by his words and accepted his request by smiling. By this time she was certainly attracted by the King. ।। 4-25-32 ।।

  3. 33

    न विदाम वयं सम्यक्कर्तारं पुरुषर्षभ । आत्मनश्च परस्यापि गोत्रं नाम च यत्कृतम् ।। ४-२५-३३ ।।

    The girl said: O best of human beings, I do not know who has begotten me. I cannot speak to you perfectly about this. Nor do I know the names or the origin of the associates with me. ।। 4-25-33 ।।

  4. 34

    इहाद्य सन्तमात्मानं विदाम न ततः परम् । येनेयं निर्मिता वीर पुरी शरणमात्मनः ।। ४-२५-३४ ।।

    O great hero, we only know that we are existing in this place. We do not know what will come after. Indeed, we are so foolish that we do not care to understand who has created this beautiful place for our residence. ।। 4-25-34 ।।

  5. 35

    एते सखायः सख्यो मे नरा नार्यश्च मानद । सुप्तायां मयि जागर्ति नागोऽयं पालयन् पुरीम् ।। ४-२५-३५ ।।

    My dear gentleman, all these men and women with me are known as my friends, and the snake, who always remains awake, protects this city even during my sleeping hours. So much I know. I do not know anything beyond this. ।। 4-25-35 ।।