1. 71

    योगादेशमुपासाद्य धारयन्तो मुनिव्रताः । समाहितधियः सर्व एतदभ्यसतादृताः ।। ४-२४-७१ ।।

    My dear princes, in the form of a prayer I have delineated the yoga system of chanting the holy name. All of you should take this important stotra within your minds and promise to keep it in order to become great sages. By acting silently like a great sage and by giving attention and reverence, you should practice this method. ।। 4-24-71 ।।

  2. 72

    इदमाह पुरास्माकं भगवान् विश्वसृक्पतिः । भृग्वादीनामात्मजानां सिसृक्षुः संसिसृक्षताम् ।। ४-२४-७२ ।।

    This prayer was first spoken to us by Lord Brahmā, the master of all creators. The creators, headed by Bhṛgu, were instructed in these prayers because they wanted to create. ।। 4-24-72 ।।

  3. 73

    ते वयं नोदिताः सर्वे प्रजासर्गे प्रजेश्वराः । अनेन ध्वस्ततमसः सिसृक्ष्मो विविधाः प्रजाः ।। ४-२४-७३ ।।

    When all the Prajāpatis were ordered to create by Lord Brahmā, we chanted these prayers in praise of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and became completely free from all ignorance. Thus we were able to create different types of living entities. ।। 4-24-73 ।।

  4. 74

    अथेदं नित्यदा युक्तो जपन्नवहितः पुमान् । अचिराच्छ्रेय आप्नोति वासुदेवपरायणः ।। ४-२४-७४ ।।

    A devotee of Lord Kṛṣṇa whose mind is always absorbed in Him, who with great attention and reverence chants this stotra [prayer], will achieve the greatest perfection of life without delay. ।। 4-24-74 ।।

  5. 75

    श्रेयसामिह सर्वेषां ज्ञानं निःश्रेयसं परम् । सुखं तरति दुष्पारं ज्ञाननौर्व्यसनार्णवम् ।। ४-२४-७५ ।।

    In this material world there are different types of achievement, but of all of them the achievement of knowledge is considered to be the highest because one can cross the ocean of nescience only on the boat of knowledge. Otherwise the ocean is impassable. ।। 4-24-75 ।।