1. 61

    यो माययेदं पुरुरूपयासृजद्बिभर्ति भूयः क्षपयत्यविक्रियः । यद्भेदबुद्धिः सदिवात्मदुःस्थया तमात्मतन्त्रं भगवन् प्रतीमहि ।। ४-२४-६१ ।।

    My dear Lord, You have manifold energies, and these energies are manifested in manifold forms. With such energies You have also created this cosmic manifestation, and although You maintain it as if it were permanent, You ultimately annihilate it. Although You are never disturbed by such changes and alterations, the living entities are disturbed by them, and therefore they find the cosmic manifestation to be different or separated from You. My Lord, You are always independent, and I can clearly see this fact. ।। 4-24-61 ।।

  2. 62

    क्रियाकलापैरिदमेव योगिनः श्रद्धान्विताः साधु यजन्ति सिद्धये । भूतेन्द्रियान्तःकरणोपलक्षितं वेदे च तन्त्रे च त एव कोविदाः ।। ४-२४-६२ ।।

    My dear Lord, Your universal form consists of all five elements, the senses, mind, intelligence, false ego (which is material) and the Paramātmā, Your partial expansion, who is the director of everything. Yogīs other than the devotees — namely the karma-yogī and jñāna-yogī — worship You by their respective actions in their respective positions. It is stated both in the Vedas and in the śāstras that are corollaries of the Vedas, and indeed everywhere, that it is only You who are to be worshiped. That is the expert version of all the Vedas. ।। 4-24-62 ।।

  3. 63

    त्वमेक आद्यः पुरुषः सुप्तशक्तिस्तया रजःसत्त्वतमो विभिद्यते । महानहं खं मरुदग्निवार्धराः सुरर्षयो भूतगणा इदं यतः ।। ४-२४-६३ ।।

    My dear Lord, You are the only Supreme Person, the cause of all causes. Before the creation of this material world, Your material energy remains in a dormant condition. When Your material energy is agitated, the three qualities — namely goodness, passion and ignorance — act, and as a result the total material energy — egotism, ether, air, fire, water, earth and all the various demigods and saintly persons — becomes manifest. Thus the material world is created. ।। 4-24-63 ।।

  4. 64

    सृष्टं स्वशक्त्येदमनुप्रविष्टश्चतुर्विधं पुरमात्मांशकेन । अथो विदुस्तं पुरुषं सन्तमन्तर्भुङ्क्ते हृषीकैर्मधु सारघं यः ।। ४-२४-६४ ।।

    My dear Lord, after creating by Your own potencies, You enter within the creation in four kinds of forms. Being within the hearts of the living entities, You know them and know how they are enjoying their senses. The so-called happiness of this material creation is exactly like the bees’ enjoyment of honey after it has been collected in the honeycomb. ।। 4-24-64 ।।

  5. 65

    स एष लोकानतिचण्डवेगो विकर्षसि त्वं खलु कालयानः । भूतानि भूतैरनुमेयतत्त्वो घनावलीर्वायुरिवाविषह्यः ।। ४-२४-६५ ।।

    My dear Lord, Your absolute authority cannot be directly experienced, but one can guess by seeing the activities of the world that everything is being destroyed in due course of time. The force of time is very strong, and everything is being destroyed by something else — just as one animal is being eaten by another animal. Time scatters everything, exactly as the wind scatters clouds in the sky. ।। 4-24-65 ।।