1. 51

    फलं ब्रह्मणि विन्न्यस्य निर्विषङ्गः समाहितः । कर्माध्यक्षं च मन्वान आत्मानं प्रकृतेः परम् ।। ४-२२-५१ ।।

    Mahārāja Pṛthu completely dedicated himself to be an eternal servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, transcendental to material nature. Consequently all the fruits of his activities were dedicated to the Lord, and he always thought of himself as the servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the proprietor of everything. ।। 4-22-51 ।।

  2. 52

    गृहेषु वर्तमानोऽपि स साम्राज्यश्रियान्वितः । नासज्जतेन्द्रियार्थेषु निरहम्मतिरर्कवत् ।। ४-२२-५२ ।।

    Mahārāja Pṛthu, who was very opulent due to the prosperity of his entire empire, remained at home as a householder. Since he was never inclined to utilize his opulences for the gratification of his senses, he remained unattached, exactly like the sun, which is unaffected in all circumstances. ।। 4-22-52 ।।

  3. 53

    एवमध्यात्मयोगेन कर्माण्यनुसमाचरन् । पुत्रानुत्पादयामास पञ्चार्चिष्याऽऽत्मसम्मतान् ।। ४-२२-५३ ।।

    Being situated in the liberated position of devotional service, Pṛthu Mahārāja not only performed all fruitive activities but also begot five sons by his wife, Arci. Indeed, all his sons were begotten according to his own desire. ।। 4-22-53 ।।

  4. 54

    विजिताश्वं धूम्रकेशं हर्यक्षं द्रविणं वृकम् । सर्वेषां लोकपालानां दधारैकः पृथुर्गुणान् ।। ४-२२-५४ ।।

    After begetting five sons, named Vijitāśva, Dhūmrakeśa, Haryakṣa, Draviṇa and Vṛka, Pṛthu Mahārāja continued to rule the planet. He accepted all the qualities of the deities who governed all other planets. ।। 4-22-54 ।।

  5. 55

    गोपीथाय जगत्सृष्टेः काले स्वे स्वेऽच्युतात्मकः । मनोवाग्वृत्तिभिः सौम्यैर्गुणैः संरञ्जयन् प्रजाः ।। ४-२२-५५ ।।

    Since Mahārāja Pṛthu was a perfect devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he wanted to protect the Lord’s creation by pleasing the various citizens according to their various desires. Therefore Pṛthu Mahārāja used to please them in all respects by his words, mentality, works and gentle behavior. ।। 4-22-55 ।।