1. 36

    परेऽवरे च ये भावा गुणव्यतिकरादनु । न तेषां विद्यते क्षेममीश विध्वंसिताशिषाम् ।। ४-२२-३६ ।।

    We accept as blessings different states of higher life, distinguishing them from lower states of life, but we should know that such distinctions exist only in relation to the interchange of the modes of material nature. Actually these states of life have no permanent existence, for all of them will be destroyed by the supreme controller. ।। 4-22-36 ।।

  2. 37

    तत्त्वं नरेन्द्र जगतामथ तस्थुषां च देहेन्द्रियासुधिषणात्मभिरावृतानाम् । यः क्षेत्रवित्तपतया हृदि विश्वगाविः प्रत्यक् चकास्ति भगवांस्तमवेहि सोऽस्मि ।। ४-२२-३७ ।।

    Sanat-kumāra advised the King: Therefore, my dear King Pṛthu, try to understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is living within everyone’s heart along with the individual soul, in each and every body, either moving or not moving. The individual souls are fully covered by the gross material body and subtle body made of the life air and intelligence. ।। 4-22-37 ।।

  3. 38

    यस्मिन्निदं सदसदात्मतया विभाति मायाविवेकविधुति स्रजि वाहिबुद्धिः । तं नित्यमुक्तपरिशुद्धविशुद्धतत्त्वं प्रत्यूढकर्मकलिलप्रकृतिं प्रपद्ये ।। ४-२२-३८ ।।

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead manifests Himself as one with the cause and effect within this body, but one who has transcended the illusory energy by deliberate consideration, which clears the misconception of a snake for a rope, can understand that the Paramātmā is eternally transcendental to the material creation and situated in pure internal energy. Thus the Lord is transcendental to all material contamination. Unto Him only must one surrender. ।। 4-22-38 ।।

  4. 39

    यत्पादपङ्कजपलाशविलासभक्त्या कर्माशयं ग्रथितमुद्ग्रथयन्ति सन्तः । तद्वन्न रिक्तमतयो यतयोऽपि रुद्धस्रोतोगणास्तमरणं भज वासुदेवम् ।। ४-२२-३९ ।।

    The devotees, who are always engaged in the service of the toes of the lotus feet of the Lord, can very easily overcome hard-knotted desires for fruitive activities. Because this is very difficult, the nondevotees — the jñānīs and yogīs — although trying to stop the waves of sense gratification, cannot do so. Therefore you are advised to engage in the devotional service of Kṛṣṇa, the son of Vasudeva. ।। 4-22-39 ।।

  5. 40

    कृच्छ्रो महानिह भवार्णवमप्लवेशां षड्वर्गनक्रमसुखेन तितीर्षन्ति । तत्त्वं हरेर्भगवतो भजनीयमङ्घ्रिं कृत्वोडुपं व्यसनमुत्तर दुस्तरार्णम् ।। ४-२२-४० ।।

    The ocean of nescience is very difficult to cross because it is infested with many dangerous sharks. Although those who are nondevotees undergo severe austerities and penances to cross that ocean, we recommend that you simply take shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord, which are like boats for crossing the ocean. Although the ocean is difficult to cross, by taking shelter of His lotus feet you will overcome all dangers. ।। 4-22-40 ।।