1. 51

    अद्य नस्तमसः पारस्त्वयोपासादितः प्रभो । भ्राम्यतां नष्टदृष्टीनां कर्मभिर्दैवसंज्ञितैः ।। ४-२१-५१ ।।

    The citizens continued: Today you have opened our eyes and revealed how to cross to the other side of the ocean of darkness. By our past deeds and by the arrangement of superior authority, we are entangled in a network of fruitive activities and have lost sight of the destination of life; thus we have been wandering within the universe. ।। 4-21-51 ।।

  2. 52

    नमो विवृद्धसत्त्वाय पुरुषाय महीयसे । यो ब्रह्म क्षत्रमाविश्य बिभर्तीदं स्वतेजसा ।। ४-२१-५२ ।।

    Dear lord, you are situated in your pure existential position of goodness; therefore you are the perfect representative of the Supreme Lord. You are glorified by your own prowess, and thus you are maintaining the entire world by introducing brahminical culture and protecting everyone in your line of duty as a kṣatriya. ।। 4-21-52 ।।