1. 46

    पुत्रेण जयते लोकानिति सत्यवती श्रुतिः । ब्रह्मदण्डहतः पापो यद्वेनोऽत्यतरत्तमः ।। ४-२१-४६ ।।

    They all declared that the Vedic conclusion that one can conquer the heavenly planets by the action of a putra, or son, was fulfilled, for the most sinful Vena, who had been killed by the curse of the brāhmaṇas, was now delivered from the darkest region of hellish life by his son, Mahārāja Pṛthu. ।। 4-21-46 ।।

  2. 47

    हिरण्यकशिपुश्चापि भगवन्निन्दया तमः । विविक्षुरत्यगात्सूनोः प्रह्लादस्यानुभावतः ।। ४-२१-४७ ।।

    Similarly, Hiraṇyakaśipu, who by dint of his sinful activities always defied the supremacy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, entered into the darkest region of hellish life; but by the grace of his great son, Prahlāda Mahārāja, he also was delivered and went back home, back to Godhead. ।। 4-21-47 ।।

  3. 48

    वीरवर्य पितः पृथ्व्याः समाः सञ्जीव शाश्वतीः । यस्येदृश्यच्युते भक्तिः सर्वलोकैकभर्तरि ।। ४-२१-४८ ।।

    All the saintly brāhmaṇas thus addressed Pṛthu Mahārāja: O best of the warriors, O father of this globe, may you be blessed with a long life, for you have great devotion to the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the master of all the universe. ।। 4-21-48 ।।

  4. 49

    अहो वयं ह्यद्य पवित्रकीर्ते त्वयैव नाथेन मुकुन्दनाथाः । य उत्तमश्लोकतमस्य विष्णोर्ब्रह्मण्यदेवस्य कथां व्यनक्ति ।। ४-२१-४९ ।।

    The audience continued: Dear King Pṛthu, your reputation is the purest of all, for you are preaching the glories of the most glorified of all, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord of the brāhmaṇas. Since, due to our great fortune, we have you as our master, we think that we are living directly under the agency of the Lord. ।। 4-21-49 ।।

  5. 50

    नात्यद्भुतमिदं नाथ तवाजीव्यानुशासनम् । प्रजानुरागो महतां प्रकृतिः करुणात्मनाम् ।। ४-२१-५० ।।

    Our dear lord, it is your occupational duty to rule over your citizens. That is not a very wonderful task for a personality like you, who are so affectionate in seeing to the interests of the citizens, because you are full of mercy. That is the greatness of your character. ।। 4-21-50 ।।