1. 21

    य एतन्मर्त्यमुद्दिश्य भगवत्यप्रतिद्रुहि । द्रुह्यत्यज्ञः पृथग्दृष्टिस्तत्त्वतो विमुखो भवेत् ।। ४-२-२१ ।।

    Anyone who has accepted Dakṣa as the most important personality and neglected Lord Śiva because of envy is less intelligent and, because of visualizing in duality, will be bereft of transcendental knowledge. ।। 4-2-21 ।।

  2. 22

    गृहेषु कूटधर्मेषु सक्तो ग्राम्यसुखेच्छया । कर्मतन्त्रं वितनुते वेदवादविपन्नधीः ।। ४-२-२२ ।।

    Pretentiously religious householder life, in which one is attracted to material happiness and thus also attracted to the superficial explanation of the Vedas, robs one of all intelligence and attaches one to fruitive activities as all in all. ।। 4-2-22 ।।

  3. 23

    बुद्ध्या पराभिध्यायिन्या विस्मृतात्मगतिः पशुः । स्त्रीकामः सोऽस्त्वतितरां दक्षो बस्तमुखोऽचिरात् ।। ४-२-२३ ।।

    Dakṣa has accepted the body as all in all. Therefore, since he has forgotten the viṣṇu-pāda, or viṣṇu-gati, and is attached to sex life only, within a short time he will have the face of a goat. ।। 4-2-23 ।।

  4. 24

    विद्याबुद्धिरविद्यायां कर्ममय्यामसौ जडः । संसरन्त्विह ये चामुमनु शर्वावमानिनम् ।। ४-२-२४ ।।

    Those who have become as dull as matter by cultivating materialistic education and intelligence are nesciently involved in fruitive activities. Such men have purposely insulted Lord Śiva. May they continue in the cycle of repeated birth and death. ।। 4-2-24 ।।

  5. 25

    गिरः श्रुतायाः पुष्पिण्या मधुगन्धेन भूरिणा । मथ्ना चोन्मथितात्मानः सम्मुह्यन्तु हरद्विषः ।। ४-२-२५ ।‌।

    May those who are envious of Lord Śiva, being attracted by the flowery language of the enchanting Vedic promises, and who have thus become dull, always remain attached to fruitive activities. ।। 4-2-25 ।।