1. 21

    अस्मै नृपालाः किल तत्र तत्र बलिं हरिष्यन्ति सलोकपालाः । मंस्यन्त एषां स्त्रिय आदिराजं चक्रायुधं तद्यश उद्धरन्त्यः ।। ४-१६-२१ ।।

    When the King travels all over the world, other kings, as well as the demigods, will offer him all kinds of presentations. Their queens will also consider him the original king, who carries in His hands the emblems of club and disc, and will sing of his fame, for he will be as reputable as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. ।। 4-16-21 ।।

  2. 22

    अयं महीं गां दुदुहेऽधिराजः प्रजापतिर्वृत्तिकरः प्रजानाम् । यो लीलयाद्रीन् स्वशरासकोट्या भिन्दन् समां गामकरोद्यथेन्द्रः ।। ४-१६-२२ ।।

    This King, this protector of the citizens, is an extraordinary king and is equal to the Prajāpati demigods. For the living facility of all citizens, he will milk the earth, which is like a cow. Not only that, but he will level the surface of the earth with the pointed ends of his bow, breaking all the hills exactly as King Indra, the heavenly King, breaks mountains with his powerful thunderbolt. ।। 4-16-22 ।।

  3. 23

    विस्फूर्जयन्नाजगवं धनुः स्वयं यदाचरत्क्ष्मामविषह्यमाजौ । तदा निलिल्युर्दिशि दिश्यसन्तो लाङ्गूलमुद्यम्य यथा मृगेन्द्रः ।। ४-१६-२३ ।।

    When the lion travels in the forest with its tail turned upward, all menial animals hide themselves. Similarly, when King Pṛthu will travel over his kingdom and vibrate the string of his bow, which is made of the horns of goats and bulls and is irresistible in battle, all demoniac rogues and thieves will hide themselves in all directions. ।। 4-16-23 ।।

  4. 24

    एषोऽश्वमेधाञ्शतमाजहार सरस्वती प्रादुरभावि यत्र । अहार्षीद्यस्य हयं पुरन्दरः शतक्रतुश्चरमे वर्तमाने ।। ४-१६-२४ ।।

    At the source of the river Sarasvatī, this King will perform one hundred sacrifices known as aśvamedha. In the course of the last sacrifice, the heavenly King Indra will steal the sacrificial horse. ।। 4-16-24 ।।

  5. 25

    एष स्वसद्मोपवने समेत्य सनत्कुमारं भगवन्तमेकम् । आराध्य भक्त्यालभतामलं तत् ज्ञानं यतो ब्रह्म परं विदन्ति ।। ४-१६-२५ ।।

    This King Pṛthu will meet Sanat-kumāra, one of the four Kumāras, in the garden of his palace compound. The King will worship him with devotion and will be fortunate to receive instructions by which one can enjoy transcendental bliss. ।। 4-16-25 ।।