1. 21

    स्तावकांस्तानभिप्रेत्य पृथुर्वैन्यः प्रतापवान् । मेघनिर्ह्रादया वाचा प्रहसन्निदमब्रवीत् ।। ४-१५-२१ ।।

    Thus when the greatly powerful King Pṛthu, the son of Vena, saw the professionals before him, to congratulate them he smiled, and with the gravity of the vibrating sounds of clouds he spoke as follows. ।। 4-15-21 ‌।।

  2. 22

    पृथुरुवाच भोः सूत हे मागध सौम्य वन्दिन् लोकेऽधुनास्पष्टगुणस्य मे स्यात् । किमाश्रयो मे स्तव एष योज्यतां मा मय्यभूवन् वितथा गिरो वः ।। ४-१५-२२ ।।

    King Pṛthu said: O gentle sūta, māgadha and other devotee offering prayers, the qualities of which you have spoken are not distinct in me. Why then should you praise me for all these qualities when I do not shelter these features? I do not wish for these words meant for me to go in vain, but it is better that they be offered to someone else. ।। 4-15-22 ।।

  3. 23

    तस्मात्परोक्षेऽस्मदुपश्रुतान्यलं करिष्यथ स्तोत्रमपीच्यवाचः । सत्युत्तमश्लोकगुणानुवादे जुगुप्सितं न स्तवयन्ति सभ्याः ।। ४-१५-२३ ।।

    O gentle reciters, offer such prayers in due course of time, when the qualities of which you have spoken actually manifest themselves in me. The gentle who offer prayers to the Supreme Personality of Godhead do not attribute such qualities to a human being, who does not actually have them. ।। 4-15-23 ।।

  4. 24

    महद्गुणानात्मनि कर्तुमीशः कः स्तावकैः स्तावयतेऽसतोऽपि । तेऽस्याभविष्यन्निति विप्रलब्धो जनावहासं कुमतिर्न वेद ।। ४-१५-२४ ।।

    How could an intelligent man competent enough to possess such exalted qualities allow his followers to praise him if he did not actually have them? Praising a man by saying that if he were educated he might have become a great scholar or great personality is nothing but a process of cheating. A foolish person who agrees to accept such praise does not know that such words simply insult him. ।। 4-15-24 ।।

  5. 25

    प्रभवो ह्यात्मनः स्तोत्रं जुगुप्सन्त्यपि विश्रुताः । ह्रीमन्तः परमोदाराः पौरुषं वा विगर्हितम् ।। ४-१५-२५ ।।

    As a person with a sense of honor and magnanimity does not like to hear about his abominable actions, a person who is very famous and powerful does not like to hear himself praised. ।। 4-15-25 ।।