1. 6

    न यष्टव्यं न दातव्यं न होतव्यं द्विजाः क्वचित् । इति न्यवारयद्धर्मं भेरीघोषेण सर्वशः ।। ४-१४-६ ।।

    All the twice-born [brāhmaṇas] were forbidden henceforward to perform any sacrifice, and they were also forbidden to give charity or offer clarified butter. Thus King Vena sounded kettledrums throughout the countryside. In other words, he stopped all kinds of religious rituals. ।। 4-14-6 ।।

  2. 7

    वेनस्यावेक्ष्य मुनयो दुर्वृत्तस्य विचेष्टितम् । विमृश्य लोकव्यसनं कृपयोचुः स्म सत्रिणः ।। ४-१४-७ ।।

    Therefore all the great sages assembled together and, after observing cruel Vena’s atrocities, concluded that a great danger and catastrophe was approaching the people of the world. Thus out of compassion they began to talk amongst themselves, for they themselves were the performers of the sacrifices. ।। 4-14-7 ।।

  3. 8

    अहो उभयतः प्राप्तं लोकस्य व्यसनं महत् । दारुण्युभयतो दीप्ते इव तस्करपालयोः ।। ४-१४-८ ।।

    When the great sages consulted one another, they saw that the people were in a dangerous position from both directions. When a fire blazes on both ends of a log, the ants in the middle are in a very dangerous situation. Similarly, at that time the people in general were in a dangerous position due to an irresponsible king on one side and thieves and rogues on the other. ।। 4-14-8 ।।

  4. 9

    अराजकभयादेष कृतो राजातदर्हणः । ततोऽप्यासीद्भयं त्वद्य कथं स्यात्स्वस्ति देहिनाम् ।। ४-१४-९ ।।

    Thinking to save the state from irregularity, the sages began to consider that it was due to a political crisis that they made Vena king although he was not qualified. But alas, now the people were being disturbed by the king himself. Under such circumstances, how could the people be happy? ।। 4-14-9 ।।

  5. 10

    अहेरिव पयः पोषः पोषकस्याप्यनर्थभृत् । वेनः प्रकृत्यैव खलः सुनीथागर्भसम्भवः ।। ४-१४-१० ।।

    The sages began to think within themselves: Because he was born from the womb of Sunīthā, King Vena is by nature very mischievous. Supporting this mischievous king is exactly like maintaining a snake with milk. Now he has become a source of all difficulties. ।। 4-14-10 ।।