1. 46

    कदपत्यं वरं मन्ये सदपत्याच्छुचां पदात् । निर्विद्येत गृहान्मर्त्यो यत्क्लेशनिवहा गृहाः ।। ४-१३-४६ ।।

    Then the King thought: A bad son is better than a good son because a good son creates an attachment for home, whereas a bad son does not. A bad son creates a hellish home from which an intelligent man naturally becomes very easily detached. ।। 4-13-46 ।।

  2. 47

    एवं स निर्विण्णमना नृपो गृहान् निशीथ उत्थाय महोदयोदयात् । अलब्धनिद्रोऽनुपलक्षितो नृभिर्हित्वा गतो वेनसुवं प्रसुप्ताम् ।। ४-१३-४७ ।।

    Thinking like that, King Aṅga could not sleep at night. He became completely indifferent to household life. Once, therefore, in the dead of night, he got up from bed and left Vena’s mother [his wife], who was sleeping deeply. He gave up all attraction for his greatly opulent kingdom, and, unseen by anyone, he very silently gave up his home and opulence and proceeded towards the forest. ।। 4-13-47 ।।

  3. 48

    विज्ञाय निर्विद्य गतं पतिं प्रजाः पुरोहितामात्यसुहृद्गणादयः । विचिक्युरुर्व्यामतिशोककातरा यथा निगूढं पुरुषं कुयोगिनः ।। ४-१३-४८ ।।

    When it was understood that the King had indifferently left home, all the citizens, priests, ministers, friends, and people in general were greatly aggrieved. They began to search for him all over the world, just as a less experienced mystic searches out the Supersoul within himself. ।। 4-13-48 ।।

  4. 49

    अलक्षयन्तः पदवीं प्रजापतेः हतोद्यमाः प्रत्युपसृत्य ते पुरीम् । ऋषीन् समेतानभिवन्द्य साश्रवो न्यवेदयन् पौरव भर्तृविप्लवम् ।। ४-१३-४९ ।।

    When the citizens could not find any trace of the King after searching for him everywhere, they were very disappointed, and they returned to the city, where all the great sages of the country assembled because of the King’s absence. With tears in their eyes the citizens offered respectful obeisances and informed the sages in full detail that they were unable to find the King anywhere. ।। 4-13-49 ।।