1. 6

    तावद्भयं द्रविणदेहसुहृन्निमित्तं शोकः स्पृहा परिभवो विपुलश्च लोभः । तावन्ममेत्यसदवग्रह आर्तिमूलं यावन्न तेऽङ्घ्रिमभयं प्रवृणीत लोकः ।। ३-९-६ ।।

    O my Lord, the people of the world are embarrassed by all material anxieties — they are always afraid. They always try to protect wealth, body and friends, they are filled with lamentation and unlawful desires and paraphernalia, and they avariciously base their undertakings on the perishable conceptions of “my” and “mine.” As long as they do not take shelter of Your safe lotus feet, they are full of such anxieties. ।। 3-9-6 ।।

  2. 7

    दैवेन ते हतधियो भवतः प्रसङ्गात् सर्वाशुभोपशमनाद्विमुखेन्द्रिया ये । कुर्वन्ति कामसुखलेशलवाय दीनाः लोभाभिभूतमनसोऽकुशलानि शश्वत् ।। ३-९-७ ।।

    O my Lord, persons who are bereft of the all-auspicious performance of chanting and hearing about Your transcendental activities are certainly unfortunate and are also bereft of good sense. They engage in inauspicious activities, enjoying sense gratification for a very little while. ।। 3-9-7 ।।

  3. 8

    क्षुत्तृट् त्रिधातुभिरिमा मुहुरर्द्यमानाः शीतोष्णवातवरषैरितरेतराच्च । कामाग्निनाच्युत रुषा च सुदुर्भरेण सम्पश्यतो मन उरुक्रम सीदते मे ।। ३-९-८ ।।

    O great actor, my Lord, all these poor creatures are constantly perplexed by hunger, thirst, severe cold, secretion and bile, attacked by coughing winter, blasting summer, rains and many other disturbing elements, and overwhelmed by strong sex urges and indefatigable anger. I take pity on them, and I am very much aggrieved for them. ।। 3-9-8 ।।

  4. 9

    यावत्पृथक्त्वमिदमात्मन इन्द्रियार्थमायाबलं भगवतो जन ईश पश्येत् । तावन्न संसृतिरसौ प्रतिसङ्क्रमेत व्यर्थापि दुःखनिवहं वहती क्रियार्था ।। ३-९-९ ।।

    O my Lord, the material miseries are without factual existence for the soul. Yet as long as the conditioned soul sees the body as meant for sense enjoyment, he cannot get out of the entanglement of material miseries, being influenced by Your external energy. ।। 3-9-9 ।।

  5. 10

    अह्न्यापृतार्तकरणा निशि निःशयाना नानामनोरथधिया क्षणभग्ननिद्राः । दैवाहतार्थरचना ऋषयोऽपि देव युष्मत्प्रसङ्गविमुखा इह संसरन्ति ।। ३-९-१० ।।

    Such nondevotees engage their senses in very troublesome and extensive work, and they suffer insomnia at night because their intelligence constantly breaks their sleep with various mental speculations. They are frustrated in all their various plans by supernatural power. Even great sages, if they are against Your transcendental topics, must rotate in this material world. ।। 3-9-10 ।।