1. 16

    साध्वेतद्व्याहृतं विद्वन्नात्ममायायनं हरेः । आभात्यपार्थं निर्मूलं विश्वमूलं न यद्बहिः ।। ३-७-१६ ।।

    O learned sage, your explanations are very good, as they should be. Disturbances to the conditioned soul have no other basis than the movement of the external energy of the Lord. ।। 3-7-16 ।।

  2. 17

    यश्च मूढतमो लोके यश्च बुद्धेः परं गतः । तावुभौ सुखमेधेते क्लिश्यत्यन्तरितो जनः ।। ३-७-१७ ।।

    Both the lowest of fools and he who is transcendental to all intelligence enjoy happiness, whereas persons between them suffer the material pangs. ।। 3-7-17 ।।

  3. 18

    अर्थाभावं विनिश्चित्य प्रतीतस्यापि नात्मनः । तां चापि युष्मच्चरणसेवयाहं पराणुदे ।। ३-७-१८ ।।

    But, my dear sir, I am obliged to you because now I can understand that this material manifestation is without substance, although it appears real. I am confident that by serving your feet it will be possible for me to give up the false idea. ।। 3-7-18 ।।

  4. 19

    यत्सेवया भगवतः कूटस्थस्य मधुद्विषः । रतिरासो भवेत्तीव्रः पादयोर्व्यसनार्दनः ।। ३-७-१९ ।।

    By serving the feet of the spiritual master, one is enabled to develop transcendental ecstasy in the service of the Personality of Godhead, who is the unchangeable enemy of the Madhu demon and whose service vanquishes one’s material distresses. ।। 3-7-19 ।।

  5. 20

    दुरापा ह्यल्पतपसः सेवा वैकुण्ठवर्त्मसु । यत्रोपगीयते नित्यं देवदेवो जनार्दनः ।। ३-७-२० ।।

    Persons whose austerity is meager can hardly obtain the service of the pure devotees who are progressing on the path back to the kingdom of Godhead, the Vaikuṇṭhas. Pure devotees engage one hundred percent in glorifying the Supreme Lord, who is the Lord of the demigods and the controller of all living entities. ।। 3-7-20 ।।