1. 21

    भवान्भगवतो नित्यं सम्मतः सानुगस्य ह । यस्य ज्ञानोपदेशाय माऽऽदिशद्भगवान् व्रजन् ।। ३-५-२१ ।।

    Your good self is one of the eternal associates of the Supreme Personality of Godhead for whose sake the Lord, while going back to His abode, left instructions with me. ।। 3-5-21 ।।

  2. 22

    अथ ते भगवल्लीलायोगमायोरुबृंहिताः । विश्वस्थित्युद्भवान्तार्था वर्णयाम्यनुपूर्वशः ।। ३-५-२२ ।।

    I shall therefore describe to you the pastimes by which the Personality of Godhead extends His transcendental potency for the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the cosmic world as they occur one after another. ।। 3-5-22 ।।

  3. 23

    भगवानेक आसेदमग्र आत्माऽऽत्मनां विभुः । आत्मेच्छानुगतावात्मा नानामत्युपलक्षणः ।। ३-५-२३ ।।

    The Personality of Godhead, the master of all living entities, existed prior to the creation as one without a second. It is by His will only that creation is made possible and again everything merges in Him. This Supreme Self is symptomized by different names. ।। 3-5-23 ।।

  4. 24

    स वा एष तदा द्रष्टा नापश्यद्‍दृश्यमेकराट् । मेनेऽसन्तमिवात्मानं सुप्तशक्तिरसुप्तदृक् ।। ३-५-२४ ।।

    The Lord, the undisputed proprietor of everything, was the only seer. The cosmic manifestation was not present at that time, and thus He felt imperfect without His plenary and separated parts and parcels. The material energy was dormant, whereas the internal potency was manifested. ।। 3-5-24 ।।

  5. 25

    सा वा एतस्य सन्द्रष्टुः शक्तिः सदसदात्मिका । माया नाम महाभाग ययेदं निर्ममे विभुः ।। ३-५-२५ ।।

    The Lord is the seer, and the external energy, which is seen, works as both cause and effect in the cosmic manifestation. O greatly fortunate Vidura, this external energy is known as māyā or illusion, and through her agency only is the entire material manifestation made possible. ।। 3-5-25 ।।