1. 6

    अद्राक्षमेकमासीनं विचिन्वन् दयितं पतिम् । श्रीनिकेतं सरस्वत्यां कृतकेतमकेतनम् ।। ३-४-६ ।।

    Thus following, I saw my patron and master [Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa] sitting alone and deeply thinking, taking shelter on the bank of the river Sarasvatī although He is the shelter of the goddess of fortune. ।। 3-4-6 ।।

  2. 7

    श्यामावदातं विरजं प्रशान्तारुणलोचनम् । दोर्भिश्चतुर्भिर्विदितं पीतकौशाम्बरेण च ।। ३-४-७ ।।

    The Lord’s body is blackish, but is eternal, full of bliss and knowledge, and very, very beautiful. His eyes are always peaceful, and they are reddish like the rising morning sun. I could immediately recognize Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead by His four hands, different symbolic representations, and yellow silk garments. ।। 3-4-7 ।।

  3. 8

    वाम ऊरावधिश्रित्य दक्षिणाङ्घ्रिसरोरुहम् । अपाश्रितार्भकाश्वत्थमकृशं त्यक्तपिप्पलम् ।। ३-४-८ ।।

    The Lord was sitting, taking rest against a young banyan tree, with His right lotus foot on His left thigh, and although He had left all household comforts, He looked quite cheerful in that posture. ।। 3-4-8 ।।

  4. 9

    तस्मिन्महाभागवतो द्वैपायनसुहृत्सखा । लोकाननुचरन् सिद्ध आससाद यदृच्छया ।। ३-४-९ ।।

    At that time, after traveling in many parts of the world, Maitreya, a great devotee of the Lord and a friend and well-wisher of the great sage Kṛṣṇa-dvaipāyana Vyāsa, reached that spot out of his own perfect accord. ।। 3-4-9 ।।

  5. 10

    तस्यानुरक्तस्य मुनेर्मुकुन्दः प्रमोदभावानतकन्धरस्य । आश‍ृण्वतो मामनुरागहाससमीक्षया विश्रमयन्नुवाच ।। ३-४-१० ।।

    Maitreya Muni was greatly attached to Him [the Lord], and he was listening in a pleasing attitude, with his shoulder lowered. With a smile and a particular glance upon me, having allowed me to rest, the Lord spoke as follows. ।। 3-4-10 ।।