1. 31

    तद्वीरासीत्पुण्यतमं क्षेत्रं त्रैलोक्यविश्रुतम् । नाम्ना सिद्धपदं यत्र सा संसिद्धिमुपेयुषी ।। ३-३३-३१ ।।

    The place where Devahūti achieved her perfection, my dear Vidura, is understood to be a most sacred spot. It is known all over the three worlds as Siddhapada. ।। 3-33-31 ।।

  2. 32

    तस्यास्तद्योगविधुतमार्त्यं मर्त्यमभूत्सरित् । स्रोतसां प्रवरा सौम्य सिद्धिदा सिद्धसेविता ।। ३-३३-३२ ।।

    Dear Vidura, the material elements of her body have melted into water and are now a flowing river, which is the most sacred of all rivers. Anyone who bathes in that river also attains perfection, and therefore all persons who desire perfection go bathe there. ।। 3-33-32 ।।

  3. 33

    कपिलोऽपि महायोगी भगवान् पितुराश्रमात् । मातरं समनुज्ञाप्य प्रागुदीचीं दिशं ययौ ।। ३-३३-३३ ।।

    My dear Vidura, the great sage Kapila, the Personality of Godhead, left His father’s hermitage with the permission of His mother and went towards the northeast. ।। 3-33-33 ।।

  4. 34

    सिद्धचारणगन्धर्वैर्मुनिभिश्चाप्सरोगणैः । स्तूयमानः समुद्रेण दत्तार्हणनिकेतनः ।। ३-३३-३४ ।।

    While He was passing in the northern direction, all the celestial denizens known as Cāraṇas and Gandharvas, as well as the munis and the damsels of the heavenly planets, prayed and offered Him all respects. The ocean offered Him oblations and a place of residence. ।। 3-33-34 ।।

  5. 35

    आस्ते योगं समास्थाय साङ्ख्याचार्यैरभिष्टुतः । त्रयाणामपि लोकानामुपशान्त्यै समाहितः ।। ३-३३-३५ ।।

    Even now Kapila Muni is staying there in trance for the deliverance of the conditioned souls in the three worlds, and all the ācāryas, or great teachers, of the system of Sāṅkhya philosophy are worshiping Him. ।। 3-33-35 ।।