1. 36

    प्रजापतिः स्वां दुहितरं दृष्ट्वा तद्रूपधर्षितः । रोहिद्भूतां सोऽन्वधावदृक्षरूपी हतत्रपः ।। ३-३१-३६ ।।

    At the sight of his own daughter, Brahmā was bewildered by her charms and shamelessly ran up to her in the form of a stag when she took the form of a hind. ।। 3-31-36 ।।

  2. 37

    तत्सृष्टसृष्टसृष्टेषु को न्वखण्डितधीः पुमान् । ऋषिं नारायणमृते योषिन्मय्येह मायया ।। ३-३१-३७ ।।

    Amongst all kinds of living entities begotten by Brahmā, namely men, demigods and animals, none but the sage Nārāyaṇa is immune to the attraction of māyā in the form of woman. ।। 3-31-37 ।।

  3. 38

    बलं मे पश्य मायायाः स्त्रीमय्या जयिनो दिशाम् । या करोति पदाक्रान्तान् भ्रूविजृम्भेण केवलम् ।। ३-३१-३८ ।।

    Just try to understand the mighty strength of My māyā in the shape of woman, who by the mere movement of her eyebrows can keep even the greatest conquerors of the world under her grip. ।। 3-31-38 ।।

  4. 39

    सङ्गं न कुर्यात्प्रमदासु जातु योगस्य पारं परमारुरुक्षुः । मत्सेवया प्रतिलब्धात्मलाभो वदन्ति या निरयद्वारमस्य ।। ३-३१-३९ ।।

    One who aspires to reach the culmination of yoga and has realized his self by rendering service unto Me should never associate with an attractive woman, for such a woman is declared in the scripture to be the gateway to hell for the advancing devotee. ।। 3-31-39 ।।

  5. 40

    योपयाति शनैर्माया योषिद्देवविनिर्मिता । तामीक्षेतात्मनो मृत्युं तृणैः कूपमिवावृतम् ।। ३-३१-४० ।।

    The woman, created by the Lord, is the representation of māyā, and one who associates with such māyā by accepting services must certainly know that this is the way of death, just like a blind well covered with grass. ।। 3-31-40 ।।