1. 11

    नाथमान ऋषिर्भीतः सप्तवध्रिः कृताञ्जलिः । स्तुवीत तं विक्लवया वाचा येनोदरेऽर्पितः ।। ३-३१-११ ।।

    The living entity in this frightful condition of life, bound by seven layers of material ingredients, prays with folded hands, appealing to the Lord, who has put him in that condition. ।। 3-31-11 ।।

  2. 12

    जन्तुरुवाच तस्योपसन्नमवितुं जगदिच्छयात्तनानातनोर्भुवि चलच्चरणारविन्दम् । सोऽहं व्रजामि शरणं ह्यकुतोभयं मे येनेदृशी गतिरदर्श्यसतोऽनुरूपा ।। ३-३१-१२ ।।

    The human soul says: I take shelter of the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appears in His various eternal forms and walks on the surface of the world. I take shelter of Him only, because He can give me relief from all fear and from Him I have received this condition of life, which is just befitting my impious activities. ।। 3-31-12 ।।

  3. 13

    यस्त्वत्र बद्ध इव कर्मभिरावृतात्मा भूतेन्द्रियाशयमयीमवलम्ब्य मायाम् । आस्ते विशुद्धमविकारमखण्डबोधमातप्यमानहृदयेऽवसितं नमामि ।। ३-३१-१३ ।।

    I, the pure soul, appearing now bound by my activities, am lying in the womb of my mother by the arrangement of māyā. I offer my respectful obeisances unto Him who is also here with me but who is unaffected and changeless. He is unlimited, but He is perceived in the repentant heart. To Him I offer my respectful obeisances. ।। 3-31-13 ।।

  4. 14

    यः पञ्चभूतरचिते रहितः शरीरे छन्नो यथेन्द्रियगुणार्थचिदात्मकोऽहम् । तेनाविकुण्ठमहिमानमृषिं तमेनं वन्दे परं प्रकृतिपूरुषयोः पुमांसम् ।। ३-३१-१४ ।।

    I am separated from the Supreme Lord because of my being in this material body, which is made of five elements, and therefore my qualities and senses are being misused, although I am essentially spiritual. Because the Supreme Personality of Godhead is transcendental to material nature and the living entities, because He is devoid of such a material body, and because He is always glorious in His spiritual qualities, I offer my obeisances unto Him. ।। 3-31-14 ।।

  5. 15

    यन्माययोरुगुणकर्मनिबन्धनेऽस्मिन् सांसारिके पथि चरंस्तदभिश्रमेण । नष्टस्मृतिः पुनरयं प्रवृणीत लोकं युक्त्या कया महदनुग्रहमन्तरेण ।। ३-३१-१५ ।।

    The human soul further prays: The living entity is put under the influence of material nature and continues a hard struggle for existence on the path of repeated birth and death. This conditional life is due to his forgetfulness of his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore, without the Lord’s mercy, how can he again engage in the transcendental loving service of the Lord? ।। 3-31-15 ।।