1. 1

    कपिल उवाच तस्यैतस्य जनो नूनं नायं वेदोरुविक्रमम् । काल्यमानोऽपि बलिनो वायोरिव घनावलिः ।। ३-३०-१ ।।

    The Personality of Godhead said: As a mass of clouds does not know the powerful influence of the wind, a person engaged in material consciousness does not know the powerful strength of the time factor, by which he is being carried. ।। 3-30-1 ।।

  2. 2

    यं यमर्थमुपादत्ते दुःखेन सुखहेतवे । तं तं धुनोति भगवान् पुमान् शोचति यत्कृते ।। ३-३०-२ ।।

    Whatever is produced by the materialist with great pain and labor for so-called happiness, the Supreme Personality, as the time factor, destroys, and for this reason the conditioned soul laments. ।। 3-30-2 ।।

  3. 3

    यदध्रुवस्य देहस्य सानुबन्धस्य दुर्मतिः । ध्रुवाणि मन्यते मोहाद्गृहक्षेत्रवसूनि च ।। ३-३०-३ ।।

    The misguided materialist does not know that his very body is impermanent and that the attractions of home, land and wealth, which are in relationship to that body, are also temporary. Out of ignorance only, he thinks that everything is permanent. ।। 3-30-3 ।।

  4. 4

    जन्तुर्वै भव एतस्मिन् यां यां योनिमनुव्रजेत् । तस्यां तस्यां स लभते निर्वृतिं न विरज्यते ।। ३-३०-४ ।।

    The living entity, in whatever species of life he appears, finds a particular type of satisfaction in that species, and he is never averse to being situated in such a condition. ।। 3-30-4 ।।

  5. 5

    नरकस्थोऽपि देहं वै न पुमांस्त्यक्तुमिच्छति । नारक्यां निर्वृतौ सत्यां देवमायाविमोहितः ।। ३-३०-५ ।।

    The conditioned living entity is satisfied in his own particular species of life; while deluded by the covering influence of the illusory energy, he feels little inclined to cast off his body, even when in hell, for he takes delight in hellish enjoyment. ।। 3-30-5 ।।